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Washington Commanders Analysis

Analysis on roster moves, players, and general Washington news.

Washington Commanders’ Armchair GM: Building Blocks of a Championship Contender

Where do teams need talent to compete in the playoffs?

Washington’s realistic Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios for their first four games

Evaluating Washington’s first quarter of the season to determine their realistic best- and worst-case scenarios.

Preseason Hype: Is Chris Rodriguez the hidden gem of the 2023 RB class?

Defining the profile of late round and undrafted value RBs

The Offseason Skeptic Examines Head Coaches

What is the chance that Ron Rivera has a winning season in Washington?

The Offseason Skeptic Examines Wide Receivers

What is the chance that Dyami Brown lives up to his potential?

The Offseason Skeptic Examines Quarterbacks

What is the chance the Commanders see improved QB play in 2023?

The Offseason Skeptic Examines Offensive Linemen

What is the chance that Saahdiq Charles or Chris Paul breaks out in 2023?

The Offseason Skeptic Examines Defensive Ends

What is the chance that Chase Young breaks out in 2023?

Hogs Haven 2022 Season Predictions Revisited

A look back at the Hogs Haven writers’ 2022 season predictions

How Well Has Ron Rivera Drafted in Washington? Part 2 – The Mayhew/Hurney Drafts

Grading Rivera’s coach-centric draft classes in two parts

How Well Has Ron Rivera Drafted in Washington? Part 1 – The 2020 Draft

Grading Rivera’s coach-centric draft classes in two parts

How Good Are Washington’s Cornerbacks?

Measuring what did and didn’t happen

A deeper dive into how the best tight ends are drafted and developed

Sam’s Film Room: Should Sam Howell be the Washington Commanders starting QB in 2023?

Sam Howell film review!

Bris Vegas NFC Playoff Seeding Projection – Week 15

Meaningful football in December

Stats & Snaps: Week 13 Commanders vs Giants

Back on the bubble edition

Which Washington QB Is More Clutch?

Testing perception against reality

Ball control offense is working as designed for the Commanders

This surprising statistical analysis shows that the Commanders’ run-heavy offense is actually efficient at producing points and winning games.

The keys to winning with Taylor Heinicke

What to do with a limited starting quarterback

Stats & Snaps: Week 10 Commanders @ Eagles

Playing time breakdown for the Commanders’ miracle road win in Philadelphia

2022 Commanders Bold Predictions – Mid-Season Update

Was I pessimistic or accurate?

Why are the Commanders always facing third and long?

There is more than one way to kill an offensive drive

Washington Stats & Snaps: Vikings @ Commanders

Playing time breakdown for the Commanders’ close loss to the NFC North leaders

Two big plays (one good, one bad) from Commanders offense, defense & special teams in loss to Vikings

Washington falls to 4-5 while the Vikings move to 7-1

Which NFL Team Got the Best Value for QB Cap Hit in Week 8?

Ranking the league’s QB’s by bang for the buck

One Reason Why Taylor Heinicke Is a Better QB for the Commanders than Carson Wentz

Drive lives matter

17 Commanders plays that were key to Sunday’s victory over the Colts

It wasn’t just Terry

Unpacking the Curious Logic of Dan Snyder’s Defenders

Who Is to Blame for the Team’s On-Field Struggles?

Commanders’ Rebuild Year 3: Week 5 Progress Update

Are we getting close?

Some interesting Commanders stats after 3 games

random stuff that caught my eye

Carson Wentz is manufacturing his own sacks

Andrew Norwell helped

How the Lions 3rd down defense can present issues for Washington

One key for the Commanders as they face off against the Detroit Lions in week two will be how they prepare for the Detroit Lions 3rd down defense. Here is what you can expect from the Lions defense

A look into some of Washington’s key pass rush pressures and how a culmination of Montez Sweat’s pressures won the game for Washington

Several Commanders were successfully providing pressure on Trevor Lawrence. How defensive line games and individual wins contributed to a great day providing pressure.

Player Spotlight: Why Charles Leno Jr performance vs. Jacksonville shouldn’t go unnoticed

Charles Leno Jr had himself a day in pass protection against Jaguars edge rushers Josh Allen and Travon Walker. Here is a film session of how it looked on tape.

Running back utilization in the Commanders opening victory and more

What I got wrong and what we got right

It wasn’t pretty, but Allen, Sweat, and Payne’s pressures helped Washington close out Jacksonville in a big way.

Former first-round picks Montez Sweat, Jonathan Allen, and Daron Payne were major contributors to a pressure-filled afternoon against Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence


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