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The Cult Of Colt

The Cult Of Colt: Camp Dad Bod And Short King Spring

Mercifully, MERCIFULLY! It’s time to talk some actual football with the arrival of training camp.

What Says “Football” More Than Reading Footnotes?

The Cult of Colt is back in session and we’re getting downright Congressional.

The Cult Of Colt: You Need More Than Just Lemons To Make Lemonade

Why don’t they want us, man?

The Cult Of Colt: All Of That... For This?

It’s officially official: this is now a Washington Commanders (-adjacent) podcast.

The Cult Of Colt: Is A Winning Culture Possible Without Wins?

Aw heck, you know how the name game goes!

The Cult Of Colt: We’re Not Dead Yet

And just like that, the WFT has a pulse.

Former WFT Cheerleader Melanie Coburn Is On A Mission, The NFL Better Take Notice

She spent fourteen years with the Washington Football organization, now Melanie Coburn speaking out in support of her former colleagues and teammates on this edition of The Cult of Colt podcast.

The Cult Of Colt: Criminal, Stupid, or Criminally Stupid?

Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower, there’s now a hole at the bottom of the ocean in Ashburn.

The Cult of Colt: An Act Of God

How Dustin Hopkins offered an opportunity to reflect on the ascendancy into adulthood

The Cult Of Colt: Going On The Record

Gumbi and Bryan get the ball teed up on the 2021 NFL season

The Cult of Colt: An Enigma Wrapped In An Enigma

The boys are back in town! Strap up your helmets, it’s season 2 of The Cult of Colt podcast

The Cult Of Colt: Naming Rights Or Naming Wrongs, Mocking Mock Drafts

The draft is almost here and we couldn’t be more relieved.

The Cult Of Colt: Fire Up The Time Machine, We’re Remembering The 2012 NFC East Championship Game

When there’s not much new to talk about, let’s throw it back to some good old times.

The Cult Of Colt: Starting Free Agency Sexy Outside The Lines And Thrilling Between Them

Fitzmagic is just the beginning to a busy first few days of free agency in D.C. and around the NFL

The Cult Of Colt: Thanking Alex Smith Is Easy, What Comes Next Is Trickier

Is a amicable separation too much to ask for?

Cult Of Colt: What Could, Should, And Will Happen In The Offseason Ahead

The Cult of Colt stares into the offseason abyss

The Who, When, And How Of Washington’s Next Quarterback

On this edition of the Cult of Colt, we ponder who’s next under center for the Burgundy & Gold

Cult Of Colt: A Soft Landing

The end has come too soon, but not as soon as one would have thought.

Cult Of Colt: What’s That? Playoffs? (With Jason Curtis of Bucs Nation)

We’re talkin’ about playoffs! 

Cult Of Colt: From Under Center To Out The Door

Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation stops by to give us the lowdown on what the WFT can expect as they get set for the Birds in a do-or-die matchup on Sunday Night Football.

The Cult Of Colt: Making Things Harder Than They Need To Be

The march to the postseason and a winning culture on and off the field took a hit this week.

The Cult Of Colt: Going Beyond Any Reasonable Expectation

Three weeks left to go, can the WFT put the hay in the barn?

The Cult Of Colt: Playing With House Money

Following a win over the previously-undefeated Steelers, things are kicking into high gear for the WFT.

The Cult Of Colt: While The WFT Roasted Some Turkeys On Thanksgiving, Their Doubters Were Forced To Eat Crow

After a beatdown in D-Town, Bryan and Gumbi are back to discuss the "state of affairs" in Washington and around the league.

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Victories Get Championships, But What Do Moral Victories Get?

Is Alex Smith The Starter For Good, Or Does Haskins Stand A Chance?

On this episode of the Cult of Colt: the triumphant return of "Hail Yeah... Or Hail Naw!"

Cult Of Colt: Bye Week Scaries

Some Spooky R&R On A Post-Victory Bye Week

Cult Of Colt: A Fun And Sexy Dallas Week

It’s Dallas Week! The Cult Of Colt is joined by Broman Chris to discuss being a holdout deep in enemy territory.

The Cult Of Colt: The Art Of Performative Pettiness

On this edition: The Haskins-Rivera rift, Alex Smith’s return to action, and... what now?

So What, Exactly, Is The Endgame?

Gumbi and Bryan rub their temples in unison on this edition of The Cult Of Colt

The WFT Should Play One More Game At RFK

It’s the #PlayOneMoreAtRFK movement, let’s go home one last time!

Cult Of Colt: Ryan Kerrigan Eats A Healthy Sack Lunch

The Cult Of Colt: The 2020 Mason/Brennan Reclamation Project


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