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The Counter Trey Podcast

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The Counter Trey Podcast — History Altering Move for Redskins

The Redskins hiring of Ron Rivera as head coach ushers in a new era of football, and alters ‘Skins history forever

Counter Trey Pod: Do The Redskins Regret Drafting Haskins?

With the season long gone, questions around the Redskins future quarterback have many wondering if the organization wishes they had passed on the Ohio State product

The Counter Trey Podcast: Where Do We Go From Here?

With Jay Gruden Canned, What’s Next For The Washington Redskins?

Counter Trey Podcast: Surprises and Failures - Let’s Go To The Tape

In this episode, we break down film of Washington Dallas and discuss the Redskins mishaps along the way to an 0-2 record

The Counter Trey: Zebras Overshadow An Exciting Affair In DC

Redskins fans should be excited about 2019, just not the officiating

The Counter Trey Podcast — Trent Ain’t Happy… And Neither Am I

Can The Redskins Salvage Their Relationship With Pro Bowl Tackle Trent Williams?

The Counter Trey Podcast: Instant Analysis, ‘Skins Get It Right With Haskins Pick

Redskins select Dwayne Haskins 15th Overall

The Counter Trey Podcast Draft Preview: Let’s Not Over-Complicate Things

Who should Washington target early in the NFL Draft?

The Counter Trey Podcast - Same Ol’ Free Spending Skins? I Don’t Think So!

Washington spends BIG at the start of free agency, but this time it’s different

Counter Trey Podcast - Ep. 2: Is A.B. A Fit For D.C.?

Should Washington pursue a deal with Pittsburgh for the Pro Bowl wide receiver?

Introducing The Counter Trey Podcast - Episode 1.: What To Do In D.C.

The first episode of The Counter Trey Podcast. The Skins have a lot of work to do this offseason. We look at some past and current moves possible in DC.