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Salary Cap & Comp Picks

NFL salary cap could exceed $220 million for 2023

NFL wallets will be a little fatter in 2023

Chase Roullier having knee surgery; Washington gains $3M cap space converting some base salary to signing bonus

Another tough break for Chase

We now know the structure of Terry McLaurin’s contract

Joey Slye’s contract looks good for the Commanders and holds no surprises

no void years

Updating the Commanders’ cap space, depth chart, 2023 comp picks & 2022 draft picks

Just a bit o’housekeeping

Commanders’ Cap space & Comp picks

updating these fluid situations

What is the salary cap doing to NFC East rosters?

It’s tough sledding for two teams

Solving the Commanders’ salary cap issue created by the Carson Wentz trade

This article explores the salary cap impact of Washington’s trade for Carson Wentz and discusses how the team can quickly and easily get the cap room it needs to be active in free agency, sign its draft picks, and enter the regular season with a bit in reserve.

NFL salary cap set at $208.2 million; Washington has $33.38 million in cap space heading into free agency

Washington has the 9th most cap space in the NFL

We now know the structure of Charles Leno’s contract

NFL salary cap expected to be $208.2 million for 2022

NFL wallets will be a little fatter in 2022

A look at the Logan Thomas contract and Washington’s cap position

Jonathan Allen’s cap numbers are in and may surprise people

Jonathan Allen: should Washington do the franchise tag dance again?

Two important NFL updates

How do voidable year contracts work, and why has the NFL embraced them this year?

Answering questions about the 17-game season

Calculating how much cap space Washington needs to sign its 8 draft picks in April

It ain’t much

NFL salary cap set at $182.5 million; Washington has $38.9 million in cap space heading into free agency

Washington has the 6th most cap space

Free Agent Fizzle: A bad year for free agents looking for a payday

not with a bang, but a with a whimper

The 5 O’Clock Club: Peter King says NFL may finalize new decade-long TV contracts within a month

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

Adam Schefter: NFL salary cap expected to drop to $180-181 million

NFL wallets will be shrinking in 2021

ERFA, RFA and Washington’s quarterbacks

Who’ll be in the QB room in 2021?

Terry McLaurin and Cole Holcomb are On-Track for CBA-Mandated Pay Raises

Potential changes to the 2020 NFL salary cap being reported

Over The Cap ranks the Redskins among top-5 in NFL for 2021 Cap “health”

money, money, money, money... money

The irrational avoidance of veteran free agency due to over-valuation of thriftiness, ‘building through the draft’ and ‘homegrown talent’

Editorializing about roster-building in the NFL

Could the CBA rules lead Buffalo to trade for Alex Smith this off-season? Point-Counterpoint

Offseason speculation

What if there’s no new Collective Bargaining Agreement in February?


OTC values Redskins Week 16 roster as 6th best value in the NFL

Rookies playing well pays off for the ‘Skins

The 5 O’Clock Club: Should the Redskins move on from Paul Richardson before March?

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

Let’s talk for a moment about Brandon Scherff, Quinton Dunbar, Alex Smith and 2021

Salary Cap Nuggets - No. 11 : Free Agency (ERFA, RFA, UFA)

Salary Cap Nuggets - No. 10: Accrued seasons and their importance in the CBA

Salary Cap Nuggets - No. 9: The difference between a “rookie” and a “first year player”

The little things matter

Salary Cap Nuggets - No. 8E: Year One Formula Allotment & Total Rookie Allocation


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