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Rumor: Former Duke, Timberwolves player Brian Davis made a $7 billion bid on the Washington Commanders last week

Another bidder possibly emerges

Rex Ryan's idiotic Sean Payton/Tom Brady to the Washington Commanders idea is over

So dumb

NFL Trade Deadline News & Rumors Tracker: Washington swaps late round picks to trade William Jackson III to the Steelers

This didn’t end well

NFL Trade Deadline News & Rumors: Teams are calling about Antonio Gibson, but Washington isn’t trading him

Ron Rivera doesn’t have time for your trade rumors

NFL Trade Deadline News & Rumors: Eagles add a DE, Giants trade a WR bust; William Jackson to the Cowboys?

Will Washington make a move before the trade deadline?

NFL Schedule Leaks Tracker: Washington Commanders visit the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football

We have leaks!

NFL draft 2022 undrafted free agents: UDFA tracker, signings, Washington rumors

Which undrafted players signed with Washington?

Washington Commanders 2022 NFL Draft Prospect Visits Tracker

Who is visiting Washington?

Rumor: Leaks show Washington Commanders gear and banners at the team store

Hail Commanders...

Is LB Benardrick McKinney a target for Washington?

There are reports that Benardrick McKinney is an early target for Washington as they continue to fill out their linebacker depth

Washington will open the 2021 season by hosting the Chargers at FedEx Field

Week 1 vs Justin Herbert

NFL draft 2021 undrafted free agents: UDFA tracker, signings, Washington rumors

Which undrafted players signed with Washington?

Sam Darnold traded to the Panthers; Washington wasn’t interested and won’t be calling about Teddy Bridgewater

QB rumors getting shot down

Washington QB Search: Alex Smith wants to play somewhere next season; Two Raiders QBs are drawing interest

The QB search continues

Washington QB Search: Is Sam Darnold next after missing on Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff?

Who will be Washington’s Week 1 starter?

Rumor: Kyle Smith is out, and Washington is making big changes to their college scouting staff

Ron Rivera is making big changes

Report: Kyle Smith expected to part ways with the Washington Football Team

Kyle Smith is leaving the building

Peter Schrager says Rivera wanted to cut Haskins before the Carolina game but was “talked out of it”; SI refutes the report

La Canfora: Washington could trade Dwayne Haskins by the end of the month; Hopes Alex Smith can take over as starter soon

More drama

CultureGate: Washington source says if we paid refs, we need to get our money back

It's wild out there right now

Bombshell report about toxic culture at Redskins Park coming out, is Dan Snyder in trouble?

Teams have reportedly expressed interest in Ryan Anderson, Should the Redskins trade him?

Is Ryan Anderson the odd man out this year?

Report: The Redskins will open the 2020 season by hosting the Eagles at FedEx Field

NFC East battle!

NFL draft 2020 Undrafted free agents: UDFA tracker, signings, Redskins rumors

Which undrafted players signed with the Redskins?

Trent Williams Redskins Trade Rumors: The 49ers are interested, and the Vikings are out?

Will the saga end tonight?

NFL Draft Rumors: Browns out on Trent Williams, will he get traded to the Vikings?

Trent saga continues

Report: The Redskins received trade calls, but they are staying at #2

No trade down

Report: Zero truth to Trent Williams to Eagles rumor, Cleveland remains most likely trade partner for Redskins

When will Trent get traded?

Could a Trent Williams Trade Happen Soon?

Rumor: Redskins are “Open” to Trading out of Number Two Spot

Trent Williams Update: Redskins are flexible with trade compensation, but won't just give him away

More Trent Williams drama!

Official: NFL 2020 league year to start as scheduled on Wednesday

Free agency on track!

NFL Rumors: NFL Draft is getting postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic

Trade problems: Redskins trade demands and Trent Williams contract demands preventing a deal?

Trent Williams Trade Rumors: No 1st for Trent last year or now? Jets and Browns still top options?

Redskins expected to place the franchise tag on Brandon Scherff

What’s next?


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