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Reviewing Jay Gruden's Comments

Jay Gruden: “We have to find a returner, and that returner — odds are — will make the team”

The injury to Shaun Wilson opens up opportunities

What Jay Gruden didn’t say about the Redskins left tackle on Sunday

If a tree falls in a forest but no one hears it, then is Jay Gruden giving us a signal about the future?

I’ll take Potpourri for $200, Alex

A midweek look at unrelated thoughts about the Redskins

It’s too early to bet against Samaje Perine

We may be seeing a career renaissance for this 23-year-old, 3rd year running back

Jay Gruden is clearly worried about the offensive line, with good reason

Five issues, and what we learned about them from Jay Gruden’s first training camp press conference of 2019

Linebacker, DBs, Silverback, QB competition and the health of Robert Davis are all questions that people wanted to know about prior to Jay’s press conference to open training camp

Reviewing Jay Gruden’s press conference comments about players as the Redskins’ OTAs wind down

What messages is Gruden sending?

The 5 O’Clock Club: A second look at three of this week’s press conferences: Jay, Alex and HaHa

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…What did the Head Coach, Quarterback and this week’s newest Redskin have to say to the press on Wednesday?

Reviewing Doug and Jay’s press conferences for insight into the Adrian Peterson signing

Let’s parse the words from Tuesday’s press conferences in an effort to figure out what the plan is at the running back position

Reviewing Jay Gruden’s comments for insight into the cornerback position battle following Scandrick’s release

Let’s parse the head coach’s words in an effort to figure out who is impressing - and maybe who isn’t

Reviewing Jay Gruden's comments for insight into training camp and the Redskins roster

Let's parse the head coach's words in an effort to figure out who is impressing - and maybe who isn't