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Pour Some Sugar On Me

The Independence Day Shuffle

Enjoy a little distraction from business as usual today

Ten Yard Fight: There Are Plenty of Reasons to be Excited About the Future

The Washington Redskins have issues on defense, but fans should have no issues believing in the future of this team.

Ten Yard Fight -- Staying Medium With Extra Large Expectations

In this week's Ten Yard Fight, we compare the confidence this current Redskins team has with the hubris former Redskins teams have had.

Ten Yard Fight: The Good Times Manifesto

Ten Yard Fight: The Ten Most Irreplaceable Redskins - 2012 Edition

Every year, we put our list of the ten most irreplaceable Redskins. See who made the list for the 2012 season.

Ten Yard Fight -- Annual Preseason Prop Bets

Every year at this time, we put out a list of prop bets for the upcoming Washington Redskins season. Which running back will lead the team in yards from scrimmage? Will RG3 throw less interceptions in 2012 than Rex Grossman did in 2011?

Is Josh Gordon Decision a Referendum on Leonard Hankerson?

As the Washington Redskins prepare to submit their bid on Josh Gordon in the NFL's supplemental draft, the underlying factor is likely their opinion and outlook on the career of Leonard Hankerson.

Ten Yard Fight: Hogs Haven Manifesto 2012

Redskins fans have built up a reputation for being among the most logical and thoughtful fans of the game itself. Here's how we can avoid ruining that reputation.

Military Appreciation Week: Hogs Haven Salutes Those That Wear the Greatest Jersey Ever Made

During Military Appreciation Week, we take the opportunity to thank the greatest Americans there are--those that wear the greatest jersey ever made.

Ten Yard Fight: Our Secondary Should Quickly Become Our Primary Concern

With all the attention our quarterback position is attracting, we are losing sight of the real problem: our secondary.

Could the Nationals' Success Lead to Happiness for Redskins Fans?

If the Washington Nationals can sustain their success into the fall, Redskins fans would reap the psychological benefits.

Ten Yard Fight: Who Will Be the Ian Desmond of the 2012 Washington Redskins?

Ian Desmond has gotten off to a pleasantly surprising start for the Washington Nationals. Which Washington Redskin has the best chance to replicate that in 2012?

Ten Yard Fight -- In the Dog Days of the Offseason, Plenty To Bark About...Like the Dome Going Up at FedEx!

Is Dan Snyder preparing to put a dome up at FedEx Field? Did Jon Gruden go too easy on RG3?

Ten Yard Fight -- Redskins Have Second Selection in 2012 NFL Draft, But No Choice

Washington fans have determined that Robert Griffin III will be our starting quarterback in 2012. Not so fast...the Redskins traded for a pick, not a player--and RG3 is likely going to Indianapolis.

Ten Yard Fight -- "According to Hogs Haven..."

Here are ten things we know we think that we think you should know.

CAUTION--Upgrade in Progress at Redskins Park

Ten Yard Fight -- Even For the Redskins, This Is Already Getting a Little Ridiculous

Lots to break down in this week's Ten Yard Fight--unprecedented drama, Bruce Allen taking control of the team and the yearning for an "it" guy at quarterback.

Ten Yard Fight Mailbag: Does Redskins Fanbase Have Any More Patience?

Early in the week, we give the top NFL stories our Ten Yard Fight treatment. At the end of the week, we take questions and comments from the readers.

Signing Peyton Manning and Drafting a Rookie Would Be Greatest Investment at Quarterback Position for Washington Redskins

Peyton Manning is a free agent. Ready...Set...GO GET HIM!

Ten Yard Fight -- Conquering Redskins Nation...Ten Pointless Thoughts At a Time

The bounty issue looms large for the Redskins, but not larger than the quarterback decision coming up.

Ten Yard Fight: Now With 1,000,000% MORE Robert Griffin III!

The Washington Redskins have numerous possibilities at the quarterback position. A walkthrough of a number of them with particular attention paid to the rookies.

Ten Yard Fight: Final Thoughts Before the Offseason Ends and the Real Season Begins

The quiet offseason ends abruptly in Washington today. The real season is underway.

Ten Yard Fight: Who's Getting Valentines Today?

Which Redskins gets a Valentine...and from whom?

Ten Yard Fight: Jim Haslett Denies Fan's Account of Conversation

Puppy Bowl Preview: Look for Wizzer to Clear the Field Early and Often

This year's Puppy Bowl is shaping up to be the wettest on record--Wizzer has been an accident waiting to happen for weeks.

Ten Yard Fight: Is Washington the Egg McMuffin of Free Agency Destinations?

The Redskins have traditionally been able to wield a hefty wallet to successfully navigate free agency. That will no longer be enough if this team is serious about attracting the kinds of free agents that take your team from good to great.

Ten Yard Fight: Why Should Our Misery Matter Now?

Redskins fans have suffered through years of disappointment on the field. But that should not compel the front office to make moves designed solely to appease fans--especially when the Redskins have generated some real positive momentum in recent drafts.

Redskins Seeking the Third Best Quarterback in 2012 Draft

In the midst of a positive rebuilding process, the Redskins are tasked with identifying--correctly--the third-best quarterback in this draft.

Mike Holmgren Says Redskins Should Trade Up For a Quarterback

Mike Holmgren says that the Redskins should absolutely try to move up to grab Robert Griffin--too bad Cleveland is going to beat them to it.

Ten Yard Fight--"Would You Rather?" Redskins Home Game

Being a Redskins fan requires many choices to be made. Here are ten slightly offbeat choices to ponder.

Search For Franchise Quarterback Like Any Other Search For "The One": Full of Regret, Rejection and One-Night Stands

The Redskins have the opportunity to use the next two drafts to increase the overall chances of landing a franchise quarterback without burning the precious draft resources necessary to solidify the team around that quarterback.

Ten Yard Fight: Washington Redskins Ten Most Irreplaceable Players

Which players on the Redskins roster are currently the Most Irreplaceable?

Redskins Marketing Geniuses Need to Focus on Marketing #6 Overall Draft Pick

The best way the Redskins can inject much-needed talent into their organization is by trading down. The key is to find the team that is in love with one of the remaining players and market the pick to them with the same energy used in all of the other Redskins marketing endeavors.

Ten Yard Fight: 2010 Redskins vs 2011 Redskins In Epic Battle For Mediocrity Superiority

How do you decide if progress has been made? On the field of course. Today we take a look at the outcome of the epic tilt between the 2010 Redskins and the 2011 Redskins.

Ten Yard Fight: Dear Santa, All I Want For Christmas Is For the Eagles To Be Playing For a Playoff Spot in Week 17

Christmas is coming. What is on your list to Santa? Here is one Redskins fan's list.

Ten Yard Fight: How Many of These Bold Moves Should the Redskins Consider?

They say desperate times call for desperate measures. The Redskins are slowly emerging from the most desperate of times, but bold measures may still be necessary to break completely free.


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