NFL Free Agency: Redskins OLB Preston Smith signing 4 year, $52 million deal with the Green Bay Packers

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The Redskins were not expected to be able re-sign their top free agents this year. They already lost WR Jamison Crowder to the New York Jets yesterday.

Now it's being reported that OLB Preston Smith will be signing with the Green Bay Packers. They also reportedly agreed to deals with OLB Za'Darius Smith and S Adrian Amos today

Preston Smith will reportedly get a 4 year deal worth $52 million. He only gets $16 million fully guaranteed at signing.

The Redskins will be in the market for an OLB this offseason, and will likely look to this year's draft. Free agent edge rushers get paid, and the Redskins need more homegrown talent and speed at the position. Ryan Kerrigan continues to play at a Pro Bowl level, but Ryan Anderson has yet to really step up as a pass rusher. Washington has been turning to cheap free agents to fill in the rest at OLB.


Good luck Preston!

Goodbye Preston!

We knew Preston Smith was walking. Good luck to him. Same with Jamison Crowder. Skins doing the Roster churn thing. We should grab an Edge in the 1st Round at 15 – Sweet, Ferrell or Burns should be available. That will replace Smith. Assume Trey Quinn is candidate to replace Crowder. I like Isabella in the Draft as well. Build the Beast in 2019. HTTR.

It's my plan as well

I would be good with any of those 3 in the first, I feel like we won’t have to choose. Likely there is one of them left at 15.

Isabella I would take with our third or fourth pick if he’s there. I don’t think he will be .

I am concerned about Isabella's hands

He doesn’t catch the ball cleanly — some drills when he’s thinking about it he does, but when he’s adjusting to a ball he double-catches a lot.

my exact sentiments

Peace out Smith

Need 2 starters

1 Edge and 1 LG, everything else is an upgrade over what we have, unless the team somehow thinks that Ryan Anderson should be our starting OLB next season.


So you're good with the WR corps?

You don’t think we need a starter there? You’re going to roll with Doc and Richardson and Trey Quinn, demigod, Mr "Y" chromosome himself?

How about FS, considering that Moreau was benched last year?

ILB, or do you consider M. Foster or Brown a starter (I’ll say that R. Foster isn’t suspended and is a servicable starter).

Or how about corner? We good there?

And of course, CK is going to be our starter at QB. Last year he threw 18 TD and 15 INT to go along with 11 fumbles. Gonna be a fun year!

We are going to get 9+ new players

and hopefully some of them are upgrades over what we have. Players currently on the team will get better. Brown was benched for SDH last year, so I am assuming he is the incumbent starter now. I believe Colt will be our starter game 1, CK won’t start until game 3 when Colt gets hurt. Alex Smith never throws the ball and never throws picks, Keenum throws the ball and throws picks…which do you want? All our current receivers will have better stats with Colt/Case because they take way more chances with the ball.

Racking up those comp picks in 2020!!!

I think Collins

cancels this one.

oh yeah... well, at least we will get one for Crowder at the moment.

just know how every one loves the comp picks!

You're right.

Now HHCD and AP are really the only two other FAs we have who could potentially net picks.

it's a good exchange

13 million?? Yea that's a bit rich for me. Better to draft another one imo


Before free agency went bonkers I thought $13 mil could get you Flowers or Ansah.

This reminds me of last year

We lost Long, Murphy, Breeland, Lil Gruden (can’t think of his name) hated to see them go but we got our quarterback.

This year we loose Crowder, Smith, hated to see them go but we got our safety.

Some people hated the Alex move some people loved it.

Some people hate the Collins move, some people love it.

Same Ol’ Same Ol’

Ryan Grant

he might be an option to return this year

He was our best receiver in 2017 but that's not saying much

We need a quality receiver.

Guard and receiver are two huge needs in my opinion. Even if we have to roll with Ryan Anderson outside for a year, I would put guard and receiver in front of edge as needs.

We could go edge guard, receiver all three early in the draft but in my opinion we better get either a quality receiver in free agency or a really solid backup guard if not someone that would compete to start.

My initial thought was to disagree with you as firmly as possible....

But honestly how many fewer sacks can we have?

Our real problem last year was we couldn’t score points. If we had a halfway decent offense last season I think the team would have been pretty damn solid.

I think Ryan Anderson will surprise some people if he get's the reps.

Not that he’s going to be the next Ryan Kerrigan but I don’t think he’ll be a slouch either. Real tough against the run and relentless pass rusher. Remember Preston only had 4 sacks last year and he only averaged 6 sacks a year.

So Green Bay is paying more than 2 million per sack per year on average

Over three million per sack if this year becomes the new average

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