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Pig Pen Podcast

Pig Pen Podcast: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of 2021 Schedule

Pig Pen Podcast: Things falling our way

Pig Pen Podcast: Go Get Deshaun Watson

It’s time for a big move, like a franchise shifting move. and the Washington Football Team needs to go throw the kitchen sink at Houston and get Deshaun Watson.

Pig Pen Podcast: We Want Brady!

Pig Pen Podcast: Let’s Get Some Hats!

Pig Pen Podcast: Previewing Seattle with Lofa Tatupu


Washington took over their trap

Pig Pen Podcast: Are you surprised?

Pig Pen Podcast: A Chance At Redemption Turns Disastrous 

Pig Pen Podcast: A Conversation with Bram Weinstein

The new play-by-play man of the WFT chats it up with one of our own.

Pig Pen Podcast: Victory Monday! How Bout ‘Dem Cowboys?

Podcast: Rivera goes for the win, recapping with Mark Tyler

Pig Pen Podcast: Rams ruin Alex Smith’s return

Certainly not the fairytale Alex hoped for

Pig Pen Podcast: Quarterback situation and Rams preview with Ben Standig

Pig Pen Podcast: Better, but not great

Pig Pen Podcast: Fred Smoot joins to preview matchup against Baltimore


Pig Pen Podcast: From Bad to Worse in Cleveland

Bad Offense Leads To A Bad Loss

Pig Pen Podcast: Previewing the Cardinals w/Ed Smith

Victory Monday Pod: D-Line Dominates Philly

Previewing Week 1 vs. Philly

It’s Dwayne’s Team Now

Podcast: Let’s Get Weird On Offense

A Surprising Question To Have To Ask: Alex Smith or Dwayne Haskins?

Who’s our QB?

Pig Pen Podcast: Change Is Here?

Best options for the new name

Rivera Speaks, Optimism Builds

Top Takeaways From The 2020 Schedule

Pig Pen Podcast: Grading A Fantastic 2020 Draft

Rivera and Smith start with a bang

Pig Pen Podcast: Redskins 2020 Mock Draft

Welcome home Chase Young

Examining How To Trade Back

There are rumblings that the Redskins could move back from #2 in the draft, so how would that work?

Pig Pen Podcast: Someone Stop Trent Williams

Pig Pen Podcast: Leave Dwayne Haskins Alone!

Dealing With Dealing Trent

Moving On From Jordan Reed

One of the great "what ifs" in Redskins history

To Trade Or Not To Trade? That Is The Question.

Can Redskins Fans Root for Kyle Shanahan?

On this edition of the Pig Pen Podcast, we ask: Is rooting for him anti-Redskin?


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