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Parodies (Having a Laugh)

Albert Haynesworth's Profile

A comical spoof on what Albert Haynesworth's dating profile would look like.

Results of Brian Orakpo Photoshop Contest

Announcing a Photoshop contest involving a picture of Orakpo getting clothes lined.

The Best/Worst Redskins Gift of All Time

We add headlines to a gimmicky Redskins toaster.

Washington Redskins Become First NFL Team To Hold Tryouts for Replacement Players

Washington Redskins Become First NFL Team To Hold Tryouts for Replacement Players

Mike Shanahan’s Post-Game Guide to Handling the Media (Flowchart)

Flowchart laying out how Mike Shanahan fields reporters' questions.

Potential Jobs for Redskins Players During the Lockout

A look at some jobs Redskins players could do during the lockout.

Redskins Valentine Cards in Fashion

Mixing the Redskins woes with Valentine's Day cards results in hilarity.

Redskins & Groundhog Day Have a Lot in Common

Redskins like the Groundhog Day repeat the same things over and over.

The Egypt Conflict & the Redskins' Burgundy Revolution Have a Lot of Similarities

The Egypt Conflict & the Redskins' Burgundy Revolution Have a Lot of Similarities including staff shakeups, public protests, and traffic.

Transcript of Jim Zorn's Interview with Pete Carroll for Seattle Offensive Coordinator

A parody of what Jim Zorn's interview with Pete Carroll went down.

Results from the Haynesworth Photoshop Contest are Spectacular

Our readers submitted photos best using a picture of Haynesworth in funny situations.

Haynesworth Photoshop Contest

Contest for who can make the best Haynesworth meme.

Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Things I Wish I We Could Make Haynesworth Do

Haynesworth does not deserve to play in this game.

The Washington Redskins Beard Diet

A Roast of the Philadelphia Eagles Pea-Brained Fanbase

In Comedy Central fashion, we roast the Eagles team and fanbase in video and 1-liner fashion visualizing how they've boo'd all three of their starting QBs when they were first signed.

Portis falling down Photoshop Finalists...

Clinton Portis' inexplicably fall during the Rams game sparked quite a few fun Photoshop picture entries.

Redskins Fans Mentality from 2009-2010 in Pie Charts Form

A comical look at how Redskins fans have changed their opinions of players over the last year in graph form.

Matching Simpsons Characters with Redskins Players

Many of the Simpsons characters match up perfectly with Redskins players, for example, Disco Stu and Clinton Portis. List of 25 fantastic matches.

6 Pranks the Redskins Players Should Pull on Haynesworth's Return to Camp

Team chemistry is vital, so to avoid awkwardness upon Haynesworth's return to camp, we provide some prank ideas to lighten the mood for everyone.

Groundhog Day: 5 Redskins Games I Don't Ever Want To Relive

A look back at the 2009 year and apply one of the best movies of all time to the porous moments that were Jim Zorn 2009.

Middle East Reacts To Redskins Hiring of Mike Shanahan (Video)

Video where I added captioning relating to the Redskins over a Middle East gaza rally. Hilarity ensues.

12 Days of Redskins Christmas

Redskins' Headset Play-calling Communication Caught on Tape (Transcribed)!

After the porous decisions of the front office and the under-achieving lack of production from the offense, this is our take on how the play-calling probably works.

Redskins Fans Wake Up On Monday Morning Without Pain Of Sunday Loss

Redskins Woes in Tom Cruise Movie Posters (Pictures)

With Tom Cruise and Dan Snyder so close, we summed up the Redskins season in photoshopped movie posters Tom Cruise starred in.

Michael Vick's Facebook Page Hacked! (Image)

A comical screenshot of Michael Vick's Facebook page with all the story lines that fit.

Update: Redskins' OL Mike Williams' Weight Loss Tracker (Graphical Chart)

We've created a graphical weight loss chart following Redskins' OL Mike Williams journey of trying to lose 100 pounds by the start of training camp. He came close to his milestone goal for the June 1st OTAs.

Win a T-Shirt: Best Picture Caption on a Slow Day

Contest to win a Redskins caption wins.

Summing up the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2000s (Flow chart)

Summing it up the Eagles this decade with a Flow chart. Everything ends with a Championship loss.

Tony Romo's Facebook Page Hacked!! (Image)

Spoof of what Tony's Romo's facebook page looks like. Similar parody to that of the Vinny Cerrato gmail hacked post.

Is Washington Redskins' Vinny Cerrato a Watered-down Matt Millen? (Comparison Chart)

I put together a matrix chart comparing Vinny Cerrato and Matt Millen. They have a lot in common over their tenures!

Redskins Free Agency Strategy Leaked! (Flow Diagram)

An intricate look at the Redskins' front office workflow for signing free agents via work-flow diagram.

HogsHaven Tribute to Roy Williams

HogsHaven will miss you Roy Williams.

Vinny Cerrato's Gmail Hacked!!!

A look into Vinny Cerrato's gmail account (joke from a frustrated but loyal Skins fan).

Roger Goodell calls Dan Snyder to discuss the salary cap


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