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Parodies (Having a Laugh)

Hating with H8: Philadelphia Eagles Edition

iH8dallas previews Monday night’s game against the Sh*t Birds

Hating with H8: Kansas City Chiefs Edition

iH8dallas looks at week 4 opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs

Hating with H8: Oakland Raiders Edition

iH8dallas looks at the Redskins’ week 3 opponent, the Oakland Raiders

Hating with H8: Los Angeles Rams Edition (with some Redskins too)

iH8dallas looks ahead to the week two game versus the Rams.

Hating with H8: Bruce Allen Edition

F*ck Bruce Allen

Hating With H8: Pittsburgh Steelers Edition

This week the Washington Redskins take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. F the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Romo's Biggest Chokes: 2011 vs Detroit Lions

Hogs Haven takes a trip down memory lane and looks at some of the best of Tony Romo's gag jobs.

Hating With H8: NFC East Off Season

iH8dallas takes a look at the rest of the clowns in the division the Redskins are destined to own for the next decade.

Hating With H8: Carolina Panthers Edition

After a couple weeks off, it's time to hate on everybody's "other team"...the Carolina Panthers.

Hating With SkinsNJ: New York Jets Edition

Hogs Haven regular, SkinsNJ, is taking the reigns this week. He has a lot to say about the Washington Redskins taking on the New York Jets this weekend.

Hating With H8: Atlanta Falcons Edition

The Redskins had to practice this week while blaring loud music. This was to simulate the crowd noise in it actual crowd noise or Bose crowd noise.

Hating With H8: Philadelphia Eagles Edition

What's that smell? Marlboro Lights and Yuengling? Oh, the Redskins must be playing the Eagles this week.

Hating With H8 (And Friends) : New York Giants

The Washington Redskins take on habitual lead blowers, the New York Giants on Thursday night.

Hating With H8: St. Louis Rams Edition

The Washington Redskins take on mustache-faced trolls Jeff Fisher and Gregg Williams of St. Louis, soon to be LA, Rams. I indeed do hate them.

Hating With H8: Miami Dolphins Edition

Week one is here, and the Washington Redskins are ready to steamroll the Dolphins into oblivion.

Hating With H8: Dallas Cowboys Edition

The Dallas Cowboys bandwagon is overflowing, It's about time they bust a couple tires.

Hating With H8: Seattle Seahawks Edition

Redskins fans have a deep hate for Seattle. Let's vent.

Hating With H8: Philadelphia Edition

Hogs Haven's weekly trash talk turns it head to Philadelphia, then turns back away in disgust.

Hating with H8: Jacksonville Jaguars

iH8dallas with a look ahead at Washington Redskins' week two opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Hating with H8: Houston Texans Edition

iH8dallas analyzes the Washington Redskins week one opponent, the Houston Texans.

Mike Shanahan's QB Tattoos

If Mike Shanahan were to get a QB tattoo like Rex Ryan, this is how I envision it.

Video: Interview with Joel Osteen if Being a Cowboys Fan Makes You a Sinner

In a spoof video interview, Joel Osteen talks about the scripture denouncing Cowboys' and Romo and Witten's relationship.

Comparing the Redskins to 80s TV Sitcoms

Redskins story lines compare to many of the great 80s sitcoms including Robert Griffin III as the child of My Two Dads.

Area Man Sees Robert Griffin III's Face In Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Local DC resident finds face of RG3 on his grilled cheese sandwich.

Collection of Bizarrely Awesome Hail to the Redskins Songs

Multiple songs including a parrot, banjo, and rap remixes.

The RG3 Photoshop Contest Results Are In

We have a contest asking Redskins fans to photoshop a picture of RG3 running in a suit in various situations...the results are outstanding.

How I Envision the Peyton Manning - Redskins Talks Went

A transcribed conversation of the Redskins front office trying to convince Manning to come to DC.

Pictures of Haynesworth Tebowing, Bradying, and Planking

Tebowing, Bradying, and Planking are huge phenomenons, the only problem is, Haynesworth is doing it during the play of games.

Derek Zoolander Thinks Peyton Manning Fits the Redskins Best

Modeling star Derek Zoolander is the last of 13,000 people to chime in on where Peyton Manning should play.

10 Rejected Redskins 2012 Marketing Slogans

The Redskins are not easy to market right now, so we came up with some possible slogans for this year.

The Redskins Office: Pilot Episode

From some of the most creative minds in the Redskins fanbase comes a new digital series called, "The Redskins Office." Enjoy.

The Office: Redskins Marketing Strategy for Club Seats (Video)

A video spoof of what the Redskins marketing department thinks about when trying to sell the high-priced, club level seats.

Redskins Themed Christmas Cards

We put together some Redskins themed Christmas cards that make fun of the some of the story lines this year.

List & Profiles of Your Typical Redskins Fan Types

The Redskins fans are very passionate, but that comes out in comical ways (blind optimist, we'll never return to the glory years, this year could be our year!). I spell it out.

How Vinny Cerrato Would Handle Redskins 2011 Free Agency Frenzy

A satirical look at how Cerrato would handle Redskins 2011 free agency period.

Summing Up The Mike Shanahan Era via Game Shows

Many game show titles match the drama of Redskins Park the last 18 months. These photoshops hit the nail on the head.


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