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Hogs Night: A Porkcast

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Hogs Haven Podcasts

What’s In A Name (Change)?

It’s beginning to feel like a name change is imminent, and the Porkcast crew has some thoughts to share.

Never Tell Me The Odds

It’s a quarantine with the quaranteam

Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Ripping Off The Band-Aid, A 2019 Season Review

We knew it’d be painful, but at least it’s over. Now it’s time to heal.

Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Is Joined By Former Gang Green Nation Managing Editor Scott Salmon Because Misery Loves Company

A fellow SBN vet comes out of retirement to talk a little Jets-Skins, and JetSkins

Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Winning Solves Everything, A Conversation With Niners Nation

Oscar Aparacio of the Better Rivals Podcast joins the Porkcast to reflect on the Redskins-Niners week 7 slop-fest

Hogs Night: A Porkcast — A Very Good And Fun D.C. Sports Time 

There’s arguably never been a better time to be a D.C. sports fan, so let’s celebrate.

Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Launching An Official Inquiry

Hogs Haven’s own Ken Meringolo joins the Porkcast to make a major announcement

Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Are We Ready For Some Football?

After falling to the Cowboys, what can the Redskins do to right the ship on MNF?

Hogs Night: A Porkcast —  An Embarrassment Of Riches

How can the Redskins bungle a backfield with so many strong options?

Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Can The “Young Bunch” Become The “Fun Bunch?”

The Redskins receivers are inexperienced, but is their youth a liability?

Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Fantasy > Reality

The preseason is over, and the Redskins were far from Offseason Champs™️

Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Why Does This Keep Happening To Us?

It was nearly yet another catastrophic, but oddly familiar situation for the Redskins: an unhappy player wants out... But then it wasn’t.

Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Has The ‘Skins Brass Earned The Benefit Of The Doubt?

With high marks in four straight drafts, has the narrative around Washington’s front office begun to change?

Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Assessing The Redskins Beginning Of Free Agency... Hail Yeah, Or Hail Naw?

Hogs Night: A Porkcast - Making The Case For Keenum

The Porkcast Crew chats about the deal to bring a new quarterback to D.C. and what it means for the Redskins in 2019 and beyond.

Hogs’ Night: A Porkcast — Swiping Right On A Quarterback

With Valentine’s Day right behind us, the Redskins are back on the market.

Introducing The Hogs Haven Podcast Network And Welcome To Hogs Night: A Porkcast

Hogs Haven has a brand new podcast feed!