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Give Me the Numbers...STAT!

Stats & Snaps: Week 11 Commanders @ Texans

First winning record past opening day edition

The keys to winning with Taylor Heinicke

What to do with a limited starting quarterback

Stats & Snaps: Week 10 Commanders @ Eagles

Playing time breakdown for the Commanders’ miracle road win in Philadelphia

2022 Commanders Bold Predictions – Mid-Season Update

Was I pessimistic or accurate?

Why are the Commanders always facing third and long?

There is more than one way to kill an offensive drive

Washington Stats & Snaps: Vikings @ Commanders

Playing time breakdown for the Commanders’ close loss to the NFC North leaders

Which NFL Team Got the Best Value for QB Cap Hit in Week 8?

Ranking the league’s QB’s by bang for the buck

One Reason Why Taylor Heinicke Is a Better QB for the Commanders than Carson Wentz

Drive lives matter

Unpacking the Curious Logic of Dan Snyder’s Defenders

Who Is to Blame for the Team’s On-Field Struggles?

Commanders’ Rebuild Year 3: Week 5 Progress Update

Are we getting close?

Running back utilization in the Commanders opening victory and more

What I got wrong and what we got right

A Baker’s Dozen Bold Predictions for the Commanders’ 2022 Season

Some glasses are half full, others are half empty

Why Do We Bench Running Backs for Fumbling When We’re Happy to Let Quarterbacks Throw the Ball Away?

Comparing the risk-reward ratios of different offensive skill positions

Hogs Haven Writers’ Bias-Corrected 2022 Commanders’ Win-Loss Record Prediction

Bursting the hype bubble

Was Antonio Gibson Unfairly Benched for Fumbling?

Evaluating fumbling risk relative to production

Preseason Hype Update: Final Episode

Return of the hype

Preseason Hype: Week 3 Update

Keep hype alive!

What Are Their Chances? 2022 Edition

Setting realistic expectations for the Commanders’ first rookie class

Preseason Hype: Week 2 Update

The bandwagon is revving its engines

How Did They Do?

Revisiting the odds for Washington’s 2021 first-year players

Rating Washington’s drafts in the post-Shanahan era 

Have we been as good (or bad) at drafting players as we think?

Casting Judgement on the Commanders’ 2022 Draft: Day 3

Did Ron and the Martys turn things around in the later rounds?

Casting Judgement on the Commanders’ 2022 Draft: Days 1 and 2

Did Ron and the Martys find amazing steals or reach too far?

Bold Predictions for the 2022 Draft Revisited – Post Draft Edition

Outfoxed by the master poker player

Reading the Tea Leaves of the Commanders’ 2022 Draft Prospect Meetings

Will the Commanders draft for need or build the talent pipeline for the future?

A Dozen Bold Predictions for the 2022 Draft and Bold Predictions Challenge

Boldness is in the eye of the beholder

Who Is Best at Predicting Washington’s Picks and Who Will Washington Draft in the First Round?

The science of mocking the draft

The MattInBrisVegas 2022 Washington Commanders Draft Little Board

Bigger is not always better

How important is drafting well to sustained success in the NFL?

Red Commanders make a difference

Where Are Elite Players Picked in the Draft and Who Picks Them?  

Are the Commanders making the best use of the draft?

Are middle linebackers worth drafting in the first round?

Perhaps we make too much of position value

Which Analysts Are Best At Predicting NFL Draft Outcomes?

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction

BrisVegas Systems’ Draft Bot Finds Washington Some Franchise QBs

It’s really not as hard as Dan’s guys make it seem

The Cycle of Mediocrity and Despair Continues: Carson Wentz Trade Edition

Staging the brand reveal on Groundhog Day was no coincidence

Why the Washington Commanders Should Draft a Quarterback at Pick #11, Part 2

In which I explain why Washington is so bad at drafting QBs

Why the Washington Commanders Should Draft a Quarterback at Pick #11, Part 1

Why not try what the best teams do for a change?