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Gif Recaps

Animated gifs recaps of Redskins games.

Redskins Defeat Seahawks 17-14 Via The U.S. Marines

With a stacked injury report, the Redskins improvise, adapt and overcome.

Redskins fall to Cowboys 33-19 via The Lone Ranger gifs.

There comes a time when even a good fan is tempted to don a mask.

Redskins Fall to Eagles 24-34 via Psych Gifs

Some say these stats may not be telling the truth. Some say we’re flawed, they just don’t have any proof.

Gif Recap: Redskins Defeat Rams 27-20 via Chappelle’s Show

Well, it’s week 2, and our playoff hopes still haven’t been cancelled.

Gif Recap: Redskins Defeat Bears 41-21 Via Trading Places

When you’ve had enough of watching other people pull the strings with your future...

Gif Recap: Redskins Defeat Eagles 27 - 22 Via Star Trek

Our heroes go on mission to protect our playoff hopes from the hostile inhabitants of an Orion prison colony

Gif Recap: Redskins Fall to Cardinals 31 - 23 Via Tombstone

A shootout in the desert has grave consequences for our heroes

Gif Recap: Redskins Fall 31 - 26 To Cowboys, Via The Other Guys

Against the league’s top ranked team, the Redskins try to prove they are more than just...

Gif Recap - Redskins Defeat Packers 42-24 via Bond, James Bond

The Redskins win over the Packers via James Bond Gifs

Gif Recap: Redskins Loss to Steelers via 'Narcos'

Recapping the highs and lows of the Redskins' Monday night loss to the Steelers with gifs from the Netflix hit show, Narcos.

Redskins Lose to Giants via Curb Your Enthusiasm

The Redskins drop to 3-11 for the year after losing to the Giants 24-13

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Redskins Defeat Cowboys 20-17 in OT: Archer Gifs

The Washington Redskins topple the Cowboys in Dallas, and we tell the story through Archer Gifs

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Redskins 34-37 Loss to Eagles via Christian Bale

Redskins 41-10 Victory vs Jaguars via Family Guy

Looking at the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with losing your franchise QB and then completely dominating the rest of the game.

Gif Recap: Redskins Lose to Texans via Bill Murray

Recapping the Redskins Week 1 loss to the Houston Texans.

Gif Recap: Redskins Loss to NYG via The Cosby Show

The Redskins lost their eighth straight game to end the season 3-13. Cliff Huxtable and Rudy help retell the highs and lows of the game.

Gif Recap: Redskins loss to DAL via Modern Family

The Redskins lost their seventh straight game, this one at home unable to play the spoiler role vs the Cowboys. The cast of Modern Family helps retell the story.

Gif Recap: Redskins 45-10 Blowout Loss via Jackass

The Redskins got blown out at home vs the Chiefs as a rift between Snyder and Shanahan hits full tilt. Jackass gifs seem to fit the bill here.

Gif Recap: Redskins Loss to NYG via The Hangover

The Redskins Sunday night, home loss to the Giants mathematically eliminated the Redskins from 2013 post season play. Here are some gifs of Alan and the Asian fella from The Hangover to help dull the pain and repaint the picture of how the Skins foun

Gif Recap: Redskins MNF Loss to 49ers via Die Hard

The Redskins Monday Night Football embarrassment to the 49ers drops the Redskins to 3-8 and just one win better than the worst team(s) in the NFL.

Gif Recap: Redskins Loss to Eagles via Titanic

The Redskins loss to the Eagles means Washington is now 0-3 in the division and 1-6 in the conference. What better way to summarize the end of the season than with animated gifs from the movie, Titanic?

Gif Recap: Skins Loss to Vikings via Walking Dead

Recapping the highs and lows of the Redskins' woeful Thursday night loss to the Vikings with gifs from AMC's hit show, The Walking Dead.

Gif Recap: Redskins loss to Denver via SoA

Recapping the Redskins loss to Denver. Apparently these games are played over four quarters, not three.

Gif Recap: Skins Loss to Cowboys via Kenny Powers

The rollercoaster of emotions that is a Redsins/Cowboys division game.

Gif Recap: Redskins Loss to Seahawks via Colbert

The highs and lows of the Redskins playoff matchup to the Seahawks using gifs from the brilliant, Stephen Colbert.

Recap: Redskins Squeaker Win vs Eagles via "Elf"

The highs and lows of the Redskins narrow win versus the Eagles told by animated gifs from the Christmas move, Elf.

Gif Recap: Redskins Win vs CLE via Christmas Story

The Redskins defeated the Browns 38-21 where Kirk Cousins shined with a stat line of 329 yards, 2 interceptions, and 1 TD. Alfred Morris had 2 TDs for 87 yards,

Gif Recap: Redskins OT Win via "That's So Raven"

Recapping the highs and lows...and super highs in animated gifs from the hit Disney TV show, That's So Raven.

Gif Recap: Redskins via Married with Children

Summing up the highs and lows of the Redskins Monday Night Football win over the Giants.

Recap Redskins Win Over Dallas via Wayne's World

The highs and lows of the Redskins turkey day win over Dallas told via Wayne's World.

Gif Recap: Redskins Win via It's Always Sunny

Reliving the Redskins blowout win over the Eagles with animated gifs from the hit FX show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Gif Recap: Redskins BYE Week via Sanford & Son

The Shanahan and media jabbed and the Eagles got blown out...all visualized with Sanford and Son animated gifs.

Gif Recap: Redskins Loss to Panthers via Anchorman

It was one of the hardest Redskins' games to watch this season, so I'll recap it with Anchorman gifs.

Gif Recap: Skins vs Steelers via Joe Pesci Movies

The Redskins loss to the Steelers was an ass-whooping that can best be relived through animated gifs from Joe Pesci's mob movies.

Gif Recap: Skins vs Giants Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The Redskins loss to the Giants was an emotional roller-coaster that can best be relived through animated gifs from the hit show, Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Gif Recap: Redskins vs Vikings via Full House

Using the animated gifs from Full House to relive the Redskins thrilling win over the Vikings.


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