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It's great when you see a violent hit & the dude is still able to walk away. enjoy

NFL All-Time Playoff Appearances


The number always looks so low, you think your team has moore & then some guy comes around to set the record straight.

NFL Standings for the Decade


Still like parity, because that's what we have?

Adrian Peterson talks about removing the George Preston Marshall Memorial Statue and changing the Redskins name

George Preston Marshall Memorial Statue:

"It makes me feel good, because there's been plenty of times I walked around, and being in DC too, being able to go down to Washington and see all the monuments and things like that. Obviously in different states all over this country you have monuments and buildings and statues that are names after people that owned slaves, people that were racist, were a part of the solution to keep the minorities and the blacks/colored people down. It just shows that God is watching over us, to be able get to a point now where they are removing some of these statues and trying to pave a new way.

Changing the Redskins name:

"We hear the chatter about it, but it’s not something that we address as a team. For the past three years that I've been there, we've had the Native Americans come in and have a day just for them to come in and tour the facility and do everything. It's always good to interact with those people, and to show those people love as well.

For me, my take on it is that I like to look at things at all angles. So I understand how people view it and say ‘You know what, it’s racist.’ And then on the flip side, I also look at it and, say for me it’s truth in plain sight.

You’ve got the capital of the United States, and the NFL team there is the Washington Redskins. It’s way deeper than I think a lot of people view it. I look at it in the light, and understand that people are offended by it, and I look at it in the light and say ‘You know what, I can see where you can, this is your team, this is your state, this is your country.’ How you can find pride in that as well.

I look at it, and I can understand so many people's views. That's why I'm able to just agree or disagree when it comes to looking at both sides."

Redskins DE Chase Young joins Panini's Rookie Premiere Class