Chad Dukes: Redskins Need A Franchise Quarterback To Win


It's hard to disagree with his comments, and he makes some good ones. My thoughts: The Rams were an awful team and Sam Bradford (essentially) single-handedly turned them around. The Saints won the Super Bowl last year with a 25th ranked Defense. A good QB can overcome a lot of holes as Peyton proves every year. (And no, I'm not using him as a real benchmark - he's a rarity).

Good Insight on Redskins Upcoming Scouting Schedule & Process


My only question is if the reports are this thorough (4 reports for each of ~700 candidates), why do we fail so much in our drafts?

In a tough spot if Newtons on the board at #10


Hope it doesn't end up like this, but it probably will.



Big Al wants to play in Philly....dunno how i feel bout this POS on my team....but if hes cheap and wants revenge on you guys...why not???

Jason Campbell - "No one ever stood up for me."


I like Campbell, but this makes him sound like a b!tch. How about letting YOUR PLAY stand up for you? I've never heard Tom Brady/Peyton Manning/Drew Brees..etc ,etc ask for someone to "stick up for them."

Could Jim Zorn Be The Perfect Offensive Coordinator For Cleveland?


That's the serious headline of a Cleveland blog. Holmgren of course loves Zorn...and Zorn of course wouldn't have to manage the players, game, and personnel...3 things he failed miserably at. Either way, his offense was worst in the NFL last year before he got his play-calling stripped. (H/T @HomerMcFanboy)

Something Our Front Office Should Read


I put this is a reply somewhere, but it deserves its own link. I am buying this book, based of this excerpt, and with the most crucial draft in a long time fast approaching for the Skins I wish all our Personell ppl would read this too

Brian Orakpo Is Officially Going To The Pro Bowl


Since the Packers or Bears are guaranteed to go to the Super Bowl, Clay Matthews or Lance Briggs can't go to the Pro Bowl; Which means Orakpo gets bumped up.

Orakpo to Pro Bowl!


If Bears win Fletcher goes along with him. I'm conflicted, I like the Packers, but I want London in the Pro Bowl. Anyways, congrats to oSackpo!