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@radioharrison Born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia.

We Need To Talk About Colin Kaepernick

If the Redskins are serious about winning football games, they need to make a tough decision.

2017 Film Breakdown of Redskins QB Alex Smith: Week 1, KC vs. NE

We break down Redskins QB Alex Smith’s play in week 1 of the 2017 season against the New England Patriots.

Skins vs Giants watch party with Fred Smoot

Come watch the game with Fred Smoot and Shake Shack in Tysons this Sunday at Nouvelle.

Skins Preseason Games are the Worst: Predictions

Nothing like a misleading preview to a season that will inevitability be an unmitigated disaster.

An Open Letter to Josh Gordon & Co.

Yes, you do have a problem, and it’s not the one you think it is.

The District Podcast 2015 - Episode 2

The District is back in full force tonight, with Robert Henson back on and Rev Redskin checking in.

The District Podcast 2015 - Episode 1

Former Redskins linebacker Robert Henson joins Mike Harar and Marc Shea this week to discuss the team's new general manager, their off-season plans, and all things DC Sports.

Saving Dan Snyder

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Not Losing Friends and Alienating People

The Redskins were not "dominated" by the Patriots

Harrison Weinhold schleps down to Richmond to cover the Patriots at Redskins training camp. Dissent ensues.

The District LIVE Podcast

Hosts Mike Harar, Marc Shea, Chris LeSage with special guests former Redskins corner Fred Smoot, ESPN980's Chris Russell and HogsHaven editor Ken Meringolo.