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How will the Kliff Kingsbury hire affect the quarterback decision?

Kingsbury’s reputation with the quarterback position is as solid as it gets, so how will his thoughts on the QB prospects affect the decision for QB1?

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Dan Quinn has officially taken over as the first Washington Commanders head coach hired under the Josh Harris era. Quinn, initially, was not a consensus favorite for Washington fans. However, for General Manager Adam Peters and the Harris ownership group, he was always in the mix for the job. Since the initial hiring announcement, Quinn has established who his coordinators will be in Washington and conducted his introductory press conference.

In this Trap or Dive episode, we discuss:

  • Initial thoughts on Quinn as Washington’s next Head Coach
  • Does it matter if Quinn was Washington’s first option or not?
  • Thoughts on continued Ben Johnson fallout; mudslinging in the media
  • Thoughts on Kliff Kingsbury as new OC; is it a good move?
  • Joe Whitt Jr’s path to defensive coordinator
  • How will the Kingsbury hire affect the quarterback decision?

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