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Dan Quinn Introductory Presser: The Washington Commanders new head coach speaks to the media

Washington’s new head coach gets introduced

The Washington Commanders officially announced that Dan Quinn had been hired as their new head coach on Saturday. His coordinators were reported on Sunday, and the team announced that OC Kliff Kingsbury and DC Joe Whitt Jr had joined Quinn’s staff this morning. Washington hired GM Adam Peters last month and their search committee had eight candidates, and ended up hiring Quinn after a few unexpected twists.

Dan Quinn arrived at team headquarters this morning, and had a message for Washington fans. He’s scheduled to speak to the media at 2:30 pm and you’ll be able to watch below.

Presser: Managing partner Josh Harris and general manager Adam Peters introduce head coach Dan Quinn,

Date/Time: Monday, Feb. 5 at 2:30 p.m.


twitter: @Commanders


The Commanders will also stream Quinn’s press conference on their website and app.

Josh Harris


Adam Peters

QB evaluation:

Front office changes:

Dan Quinn

Awesome moment:

Wiser with age:


Building trust:

Hard shit:

Wanting the Washington job:

Strengths of the team:


Relationship with Adam Peters:

Coordinators will call the plays:

Hiring coaches like Kliff Kingsbury that are hard to defend:

Getting the call from Washington:

Adam Peters meeting him at the airport:

Aligned vision goes deeper than scheme:

Eric Bieniemy:

Tough, Competitive guys:

Team identity:

Recalibrate, not rebuild:

Finding unique qualities in players:

Evolve or die in the NFL:

Don’t overthink it:

DC Joe Whitt Jr: