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Washington Commanders Vs. Dallas Cowboys (Game Two) - Studs and Duds

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Commanders Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Rivera’s last game as Washington Commanders head coach/head decision maker has come to a glorious end - and quite honestly, WHAT A RELIEF THIS IS!

Ron, we thank you for your time and service here during some tough times, so I’ll simply leave it at that.

As for this game - it was pretty much what we all expected it to be... a blowout. The Cowboys had a lot on the line while Washington did too - just on the opposite side of that line. In the end, each fanbase got what they wanted, and given the situation for the Commander’s faithful, most will take it!

Below are my Studs and Duds of the game, followed by some notes.


Quan Martin - Martin was all over the field and hauled in an interception off a tipped pass by Jalen Harris. Although the rookie started off slowly to begin the season, he’s really been playing some good football to end it. He did get banged-up in this game or his overall stats may have been even better.

Terry McLaurin - Four consecutive seasons with over 1,000 yards receiving. Given the situation of our franchise, and the revolving door at quarterback, this is incredibly impressive. Despite a smothering Cowboys defense and inconsistent quarterback play, Terry went for six and 56.

Sam Cosmi - His play on the year was the most consistent among our offensive lineman and he started all 17 games and showed well in his first full season at right guard. His blocking on the late pass to McLaurin helped Terry eclipse the 1,000 yards mark for the season.

Khaleke Hudson - Hudson led the team in tackles with 13 and had three that went for a loss. He’s played well since his playing time increased. I still can’t understand why he wasn’t used more early on.


Cornelius Lucas - Lucas was absolutely AWFUL on the afternoon, allowing a staggering FOUR sacks! He summed up our season quite nicely. I thought Leno was bad, but I don’t ever recall him having a game like this during his time in Washington.

Sam Howell - This has to be the end of the Howell experiment, right? Inconsistent play, head-scratching throws, poor timing with his receiver and MANY batted passes... most fans are now ready to move in a different direction.

Terrell Burgess - The backup safety showed why he’s a backup, with multiple missed tackles and poor coverage. If you simply look at the box score you may get confused and think he played well - he didn’t.

Emmanuel Forbes - I thought Forbes was in decent coverage on the early touchdown, but it was still his man. As the game continued, his play got worse. Missed tackles and soft coverage plagued the rookie, and his first season in the NFL went down as a REALLY bad one.


-Brian Robinson ran hard and also caught three passes for 10 yards and a touchdown, but that touchdown nearly didn’t materialize as he bobbled and easy reception and nearly dropped it. He also had a fumble lost.

-Has anyone seen Logan Thomas? I feel he may have went missing for over 34 of the season.

-Cody Barton again showed what a miss he was in free agency for Rivera and staff. He lacks awareness in coverage and looks like he’s running around with blinders on out there.

-Joey Slye was credited with more tackles than Phidarian Mathis.