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The Washington Commanders are down 21-10 to the Dallas Cowboys at halftime

Down by 11 at home

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

1st Quarter

Coin toss:

Curtis Samuel 1st down:

Sam Howell misses Terr McLaurin:

McLaurin’s first catch:

Turnover on downs:

Emmanuel Forbes misses the pick:

Forbes tackle:

Tony Pollard:

Cowboys TD:

Brian Robinson fumble:

4th down conversion:

Washington blocks the FG:

Trick plays:

2nd Quarter

Brian Robinson TD:

Fourth down conversions:

Quan Martin interception:

Terry McLaurin yards tracker:

Curtis Samuel missed TD:

False starts:

Joey Slye FG:

Cody Barton penalty:

Quan Martin/Khaleke Hundson injuries:

Tony Pollard TD:

Terry McLaurin yards tracker:

Sam Cosmi:


Sam Howell INT:

CeeDee Lamb TD: