Good to get a taste of this kind of leadership upfront.

i am glad we saw how Ben Johnson reacted under pressure. Apparently he was spooked. I think everybody can agree nobody wants a leader for the Commanders who is indecisive or gets spooked when the pressure is on. This is classic Josh McDaniel's stuff. Remember how the Colts hired staff for Josh McDaniels and he back out the last minute to stay in New England. A few years later Josh goes on as HC of the Raiders and couldn't cut it.

I think Josh is a great offense coordinator but he is just not cut out to be a head coach. It would not surprise me Ben Johnson is of the same cloth.

Now what: Get a real leader who is decisive. I would like to see an offensive minded coach. Who is going to the superbowl? Two offensive minded coaches.

No retreads. No Defensive Coordinators as head coach. this means no Dan Quinn. I would make an exception for Bill Belicheck if he would give up power and just be a head coach.

I would look towards the colleges if necessary. I hear a lot of head coaches would consider a switch to the NFL these days.