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Martin Mayhew heads to the Senior Bowl; expected to remain in GM Adam Peters' front office

Marrtin Mayhew sticks around

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Update: Marty Hurney could also be retained

The Washington Commanders have only made two important moves since the end of the 2023-24 regular season. They fired head coach Ron Rivera on Black Monday, and hired San Francisco 49ers assistant general manager Adam Peters to be their new GM. Peters’, managing partner Josh Harris, and the rest of the search committee have been conducting interviews with several candidates for head coach, but their list of prospects has dwindled down to a handful. A new head coach is expected to be named this week, and then we will learn the fate of current OC Eric Bieniemy and the rest of Rivera’s remaining coaching staff.

The front office had one other addition besides Adam Peters, but that hire happened during the season. Josh Harris hired Eugene Shen to be the team’s Senior VP of Football Strategy in late October. The rest of Washington’s front office, that served the whims of former head coach Ron Rivera, remains intact. This has been an irritant for some fans, as they wanted, and expected a full purge of everything that Rivera, and former owner Dan Snyder, were responsible for with this franchise.

There were some hints that Adam Peters would be keeping the team’s current front office, at least until after this year’s draft in April. Martin Mayhew had the title of GM under Ron Rivera, and he also has a history with Peters from their time together in the 49ers front office. John Keim reports that Mayhew is expected to continue working for Washington, but his title hasn’t been determined. He is still listed as general manager, right next to GM Adam Peters on the Commanders website.