I have been reading how Peter’s maybe (because that’s all we really know unless you are IrishSkins, but he won’t tell, golf courses are like Vegas): Disclaimer: I don’t know what happens on golf courses and to avoid offensive nature I’m joking…trading down. I’ve been looking at this, while I think we sit tight at two, take Maye and grab two Ts in a T heavy class, I’m praying somehow we do this while adding a few top hundred picks. Reality is if we want Maye, two is probably what’s gonna happen. I did a PFN mock draft (free) with trades.

Pick 3

Pick 34

Pick 68

Pick 99

2025 NE 2nd This was their offer for 2. Bro even though in this mock, Maye went one!!! doubt it. I knew with this trade, I’m giving up both of them. My next guy is Jaylan Daniels? Not a BK fan, don’t think he coaches guys up. But LSU is primed. They play in SEC! Then there is JJ McCarty. So I took the move down to seven from the Titans:

Pick 7

Pick 38 For 132 and 3. So Daniels is still there which I doubt. I decide to take this deal from the Rams

Pick 19

Pick 52

Pick 83

2025 LAR 2nd For the 7 at 19 I let the Falcons give me

Pick 43

Pick 74

Pick 105

Pick 110

2025 ATL 2nd For 19 and 163. This one was I trade up for JJ but he fell to my pick because I foolishly turned up the speed and poof, it was my pick.

  • 34.
    J.J. McCarthy
    QB Michigan
    trade icon
  • 36.
    Jordan Morgan
    OT Arizona
  • 38.
    Tyler Guyton
    OT Oklahoma
    trade icon
  • 40.
    Sedrick Van Pran
    OC Georgia
  • 45.
    Chris Braswell
    EDGE Alabama
    trade icon
  • 52.
    Bralen Trice
    EDGE Washington
    trade icon
  • 67.
    Leonard Taylor
    DT Miami (FL)
  • 68.
    Cedric Gray
    LB North Carolina
    trade icon
  • 74.
    Jalen McMillan
    WR Washington
    trade icon
  • 83.
    Ben Sinnott
    TE Kansas State
    trade icon
  • 96.
    Javon Bullard
    CB Georgia
  • 98.
    Junior Colson
    LB Michigan
  • 99.
    Cam Hart
    CB Notre Dame
    trade icon
  • 105.
    Brandon Coleman
    OG TCU
    trade icon
  • 110.
    Johnny Dixon
    CB Penn State
  • This is my complete haul with an additional 3rd from NO.

    JJ, he has work to do. So did Love, so does Sam, JJ has one year, then he’s likely in with comp. That’s my model. Not Peter’s. PFN scouting report on JJ:

    A tremendous physical foundation is what buoys McCarthy’s profile in the early-round range. Though he sports a leaner build, he’s a high-level athlete and a high-level creator with an extremely loose and elastic arm. His combined evasive ability, flexibility, and off-platform torque expand the possibilities with him on the field, and as a thrower, he has the ease of velocity and angle freedom to make all the throws. But there’s bad:

    For all his talent, many of the trademark flaws of a young QB were visible on McCarthy's 2022 tape. He lacks poise in the pocket at times, and can be spooked out of his rhythm by pressure threats. His decision-making is streaky, and he can be culpable for turnover-worthy passes when he stares down targets and forces throws. He also has room to keep refining his mechanics and mental game. — Ian Cummings.

    As you can see the rest of the draft, I scattered in some values and dipped in heavy on needs. I don’t feel safety is a need with Martin and Forrest. We can sign one. DBs are pricey and I’d like to bring back our guys and add these three. All we need is one to stick. OL I made FOUR selections, one good C, one good G, two ok Ts? Maybe good, again, here we need one T, and one interior to work. LB same. I didn’t take multiple QBs, but if I had I’d have taken Pratt. I instead chose TE and a possession WR in the Garçon mold. I wonder what the NfL world thinks of JJ, I think he needs work and in a year or two, he could be the guy. I feel that way about Daniels and Maye. I also think Caleb is going to have to work. But I feel he is the guy. In the draft Maye went one. If he does I sit out and take Caleb. Or….this. Which is better in your own opinion, never a wrong answer when none of us really know what we are talking about .. thank you!