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Washington Commanders Coaching/Front Office Tracker: Ben Johnson’s virtual head coach interview scheduled for Friday

Tracking Washington’s Head Coach/Front Office search

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Josh Harris interviewed five candidates for the new head of football operations position over two days earlier this week at his house in Miami. It came down to San Francisco 49ers AGM Adam Peters and Chicago Bears AGM Ian Cunningham. They both got second interviews that included three limited partners. Adam Peters was hired as the Washington Commanders new GM, and now he must focus on building his front office, and also searching for the team’s new head coach.

Washington has been conducting a head coaching search, and they have been linked to 8 candidates. There are currently 7 open head coaching jobs in the NFL. The Patriots created an additional opening when they moved on from Bill Belichick, but that was quickly filled by hiring his former inside linebackers coach Jerod Mayo.

Teams can conduct virtual meetings with coaches, and Washington has held two of those with Ravens Associate HC/DL Coach Anthony Weaver and DC Mike Macdonald. Teams can’t conduct in person interviews until January 22nd, so teams will have to wait to officially hire their new coach. Cowboys DC Dan Quinn saw his stock drop after the Packers embarrassed his defense, and eliminated them from the playoffs. He has an interview scheduled with Washington on Thursday.

The Los Angeles Rams were eliminated by the Detroit Lions, losing 24-23. Rams DC Raheem Morris has a virtual interview scheduled with Washington this week. Lions OC Ben Johnson is still in the playoffs, but he’s also in high demand for teams looking for head coaches. Johnson has an interview scheduled with Washington on Friday.

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Rumors and reported interest and interviews

Head Coach

Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh

Lions OC Ben Johnson - Virtual interview scheduled for Friday (1/19)

Lions DC Aaron Glenn

Rams DC Raheem Morris - Virtual interview scheduled for Thursday (1/18)

Ravens Assoc. HC/DL Coach Anthony Weaver - Virtual interview (1/11)

Ravens DC Mike Macdonald - Virtual interview

Texans OC Bobby Slowik

Cowboys DC Dan Quinn - Virtual interview scheduled for Thursday (1/18)

Head of Football Operations

49ers AGM Adam Peters - Hired as GM, 5-year contract

Adam Peters didn’t take any other GM interviews:

Dan Graziano predicts Ben Johnson gets Washington’s HC job:

My prediction for the next Commanders coach: Ben Johnson. New Commanders owner Josh Harris already landed his top target for GM in Adam Peters. Many people around the league believe Harris has been focused on Johnson as his top choice for coach, though there are some who think Slowik and Macdonald are still possibilities.

Harris’ process so far has been thorough but not slow. I believe he really wants Johnson, and he and Peters are in position to make that happen — even if it’s just about getting an agreement in place that can’t be finalized until after the Lions’ season ends.

Jim Harbaugh's NFL tour continues:

Raheem Morris's interview scheduled for Thursday:

Lions OC Ben Johnson’s virtual interview happens Friday:

Washington will have a virtual interview with Rams DC Raheem Morris this week:

Bill Belichick’s first interview is with the Atlanta Falcons:

Adam Peters and family get a snowy welcome to the DMV:

Washington officially announces the Peters signing:

Adam Peters will sign a 5-year deal early this week:

Cowboys DC Dan Quinn will interview with Washington on Thursday:

Details on the GM search/Mike Macdonald had virtual interview with Washington: