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Washington Commanders Coaching/Front Office Tracker: Adam Peters hired as General Manager

Tracking Washington’s Head Coach/Front Office search

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Josh Harris interviewed five candidates for the new head of football operations position over two days earlier this week at his house in Miami. An announcement was expected this week, with San Francisco 49ers AGM Adam Peters considered the favorite to get the job, but Washington also interviewed Chicago Bears AGM Ian Cunningham for the final round.

Washington is also conducting a head coaching search, and they have been linked to 8 candidates. One coach that was loosely linked to Washington was Bill Belichick. He is done with the New England Patriots and still wants to coach. Multiple reporters have said Washington has no interest in hiring him, but the speculation will continue until he gets another job or Washington hires their new coach.

The Patriots moved on from Belichick quickly, hiring his former inside linebackers coach Jerod Mayo. That means one of the 8 heading coaching positions has been filled. Washington didn’t request to interview Mayo, but could expand their prospect list when the new head of football operations is hired.

Stay tuned for the latest updates as they happen

Rumors and reported interest and interviews

Head Coach

Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh

Lions OC Ben Johnson

Lions DC Aaron Glenn

Rams DC Raheem Morris

Ravens Assoc. HC/DL Coach Anthony Weaver - Virtual interview (1/11)

Ravens DC Mike MacDonald

Texans OC Bobby Slowik

Cowboys DC Dan Quinn

Head of Football Operations

49ers AGM Adam Peters - Interviewed with Washington on Wednesday(1/9); Finalist

Bears AGM Ian Cunningham - Interviewing with Washington Tuesday(1/10); Finalist

Browns AGM Glenn Cook - Interviewed with Washington on Wednesday(1/9)

Chiefs AGM Mike Borgonzi - Interviewed with Washington on Wednesday(1/9)

49ers AGM Adam Peters - Interviewed with Washington on Wednesday(1/9)

Eagles AGM Alec Halaby - Interviewing at Josh Harris’ house Tuesday(1/10)

Cowboys VP of Player Personnel Will McClay - Did not interview for the position

“Expectation is that Mayhew will be offered a different job”:

Adam Peters won’t decide Jason Wright’s fate:

Martin Mayhew and the front office will be evaluated:

Adam Peters gets the job:

Antonio Pierce has started taking interviews:

The Patriots will start their GM search after hiring their new head coach:

The Patriots quickly move on from Bill Belichick:

Washingtons first virtual head coach's interview:

Three limited partners will be involved in the finalists’ second interviews:

Adam Peters and Ian Cunningham named as expected finalists:

Washington has no interest in Bill Belichick:

Bill Belichick is available and the Patriots need a new head coach: