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Daily Slop - 11 Jan 24: Reports that Commanders interview process is “designed to eliminate ‘fluff’”

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Washington Post (paywall)

A closer look at the Commanders’ ‘thorough but rapid’ hiring process

A candidate interviewing for a primary executive role can accept a new job at any point during the playoffs, if his or her current team grants permission. Coaching candidates cannot interview in person until at least after the divisional round.

[I]nitial interviews were held at Harris’s home offices in Miami and followed a distinct format, according to people with knowledge of the process. Each candidate talked to Spielman separately, then met with Myers and Harris. It’s possible the candidates will also interview with Rales, Johnson and Blitzer in some capacity, be it in person or virtually.

Two people said the interviews seemed to be designed to eliminate “fluff,” meaning any scripted material in which candidates appear as if they’re simply going through the motions of the interview.

The vision for Washington’s front office differs from recent years. The top executive will probably be titled president of football operations or something similar; GM Martin Mayhew is still under contract and, along with executive vice president of football/player personnel Marty Hurney, is expected to stay with the team through at least the search process. Mayhew’s and Hurney’s futures will probably depend on the primary executive’s plan for the front office.

Sports Illustrated

Breaking Down Commanders’ Head of Football Ops Candidates

Who will Josh Harris hire to lead the Washington Commanders?

“We’re looking for the best people to build an elite franchise that’s going to consistently compete and win championships,” Harris said. “That’s our goal. In terms of the structure, I start with talent. You want the best talent, and sometimes you let the talent influence the structure.”

Here are the candidates Harris and his partners, plus advisors Bob Myers and Rick Spielman, are interviewing as of right now to lead Washington into its new era.

[Note: the article provides thumbnail sketches of 5 identified candidates for Washington’s Head of Football Operations position]

The Athletic (paywall)

NFL head coach interview process: What to know about league policies, Rooney Rule

NFL head coach interview process/rules

The NFL has a series of rules for head coach interviews, outlined as follows:

  • Teams with open head-coaching positions were able to begin requesting interviews with candidates from other teams on Jan. 8. Those interviews must happen virtually before the end of divisional-round games on Jan. 21.
  • The NFL recommends that teams with open head-coaching positions use this “virtual interview window” to set up an initial interview so those teams are eligible to request a second interview with a candidate from a Super Bowl team during the bye week.
  • Note: Teams may not interview employees of other teams that didn’t make the postseason until the third day after the employer teams’ Week 18 game (for example, Jan. 9 for a game on Jan. 6, or Jan. 10 for a game on Jan. 7).

These are the interview requirements for coaches of teams in the postseason:

  • If the employer team has a bye in the wild-card round, virtual interviews may begin three days after Week 18 games (Jan. 9 or 10, whichever is applicable) and must happen before the end of wild-card games.
  • If the employer team is participating in the wild-card round, virtual interviews may begin three days after the team’s wild-card game and must happen before the end of the divisional-round games on Jan. 21, as follows:
  • For a Saturday or Sunday game, virtual interviews are allowed starting Jan. 16.
  • For a Monday game, virtual interviews are allowed starting Jan. 17.

Starting Jan. 22 (the day after the divisional round ends):

  • Teams can conduct in-person or virtual interviews with candidates employed by other NFL teams whose seasons ended.
  • Teams cannot hold initial interviews with candidates employed by teams participating in the AFC and NFC championship games until the end of the employer team’s season. Second interviews are not allowed until Jan. 29. A candidate’s employer team may not voluntarily grant permission for those interviews.

Starting Jan. 29 through Feb. 4 (the bye week between conference championships and the Super Bowl):

  • Second interviews, either in-person or virtual, are allowed with head coach candidates employed by teams in the Super Bowl. The team(s) conducting the interviews must notify the employer team(s).

Contact with head coach candidates in the Super Bowl is not allowed from Feb. 4 to Feb. 12, the day after the Super Bowl.

Additionally, no contract, contract announcement or contract agreement is permitted until after the end of the employer team’s season.

What is the Rooney Rule?

Regarding head coaching jobs, teams must conduct an in-person interview with at least two external candidates who are people of color and/or women. Virtual interviews don’t satisfy Rooney Rule requirements, per the NFL.

Washington Post (paywall)

The Commanders just hired a former NBA executive. Who is Bob Myers?

Though Golden State’s culture and controversies tend to dominate the headlines, Myers also had a hand in its elegant salary cap management. Durant’s 2016 arrival was a coup that only took place because the Warriors were ready to exploit an unprecedented jump in the salary cap and had the best pitch in a series of free agency meetings held in the Hamptons that summer.

To sustain the dynasty, Myers’s front office spun Durant’s 2019 exit into D’Angelo Russell, then flipped the guard to land Andrew Wiggins, a key starter on the 2022 title team. Myers also prioritized high-IQ veterans throughout Golden State’s run, landing players such as David West and Shaun Livingston to help his team keep its competitive edge and limit distractions.

Myers announced his resignation last summer in a lengthy news conference that had its share of awkward exchanges. Lacob referred to Myers as his “fifth kid” and lamented the executive’s departure while noting he didn’t fully understand the reasoning behind it. The owner relished telling war stories of going back and forth with Myers on telephone calls to seal important deals.

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Big Blue View

Wink Martindale, Giants officially part ways — report

Giants will need new defensive coordinator

The Wink Martindale-New York Giants standoff is reportedly over. Per ESPN’s Jordan Raanan, the Giants and Martindale have “mutually parted ways.”

Per Raanan, Martindale will be free to become a defensive coordinator elsewhere next season “without restrictions.” The Giants will keep the $3 million Martindale would have been paid under the final year of his contract.

Thus ends the saga of a contentious relationship between Martindale and head coach Brian Daboll.

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