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Some early insights into Washington’s front office search

Day 3

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It’s still early on the third day after the end of the 2023 regular season, and Washington’s ownership team is moving furiously to line up front office and head coaching candidates for interviews. Josh Harris told fans the process would be “thorough but rapid” early on, and he seems to be holding to his word so far.

On Monday, the team announced that they had hired Bob Myers, a former front office executive with the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, and Rick Spielman, former general manager of the Minnesota Vikings, to spearhead the search for Washington’s next front office and its new head coach.

Obviously the Myers and Spielman moves had been in motion for some time - perhaps months - before the end of the season, and its interesting to think about why those two, in particular, were chosen.

The connection between Myers - who based on a recent article by David Alridge in The Athletic - seemed a bit surprised to be tapped by Harris, and 49ers Assistant GM Adam Peters is well-established. Peters is considered by many - including myself - to be the top front office prize this offseason, and it’s not unreasonable to think that engaging Myers to entice Peters might be a perfectly sensible strategy.

Spielman, meanwhile, has connections throughout the NFL, but, in particular, with the Detroit Lions, where his brother, Chris Spielman, currently works in the front office.

On Tuesday, Harris and his team met with three “head of football ops” candidates at his home in Miami. At least two more interviews are lined up for today:

Initially, I was under the impression that the new front office and coaching structure would be aligned like this:

  1. Josh Harris
  2. General Manager
  3. Head Coach

Now, after details have come out in the last 24 hours, I’ve changed my opinion a bit. It appears that, perhaps, the Tuesday interviews were actually for a “President of Football Operations,” and that the Wednesday interviews could be for a subordinate role.

If John Keim and Bram Weinstein are hearing the above rumors, I’m inclined to give them a fair amount of weight, which would mean the new structure could be:

  1. Harris
  2. President of Football Operations
  3. General Manager
  4. Head coach

Rumors from a number of angles point to the notion that Adam Peters is likely the organization’s top choice for the President of Football Operations position, and that he’s inclined to take it - which would be a stellar achievement. Then, the question remains, who would be the best fit for the General Manager role?

Chicago Bears AGM Ian Cunningham, and Philadelphia Eagles AGM Alec Halaby interview today, and both are still fairly young, 38 and 36 respectively (Peters is 44, for comparison), and might be willing to accept a promotion to General Manager, as a stepping stone to an eventual President of Football Operations position of their own. Either would be an absolute steal, and with Peters, would instantly comprise one of the most exciting front office groupings in the NFL - at least on paper.

Cunningham came up in the Ravens organization, under the tutelage of Ozzie Newsome, as a scout, and then spent five years with the Eagles in a player personnel role. He’s currently the right hand man of Bears’ GM Ryan Poles.

Halaby has been with the Eagles for 16 years, and is currently their assistant general manager after spending six seasons as the vice president of football operations and strategy.

During his tenure with the Eagles, Halaby has focused on player evaluation, roster management, and resource allocation, with a particular emphasis on integrating traditional and analytical methods in decision-making.

Once the President of Football Operations and General Manager roles are filled, next up will be the pursuit of the head coach. More details on that search likely next week.


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