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Washington Commanders Vs. San Francisco 49ers - Studs and Duds

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Washington Commanders Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

What a tale of two halves!

One team came out in the second half and made adjustments, while the other remained stagnant. That folks, is the difference between good coaching and bad coaching - Washington has the latter.

The final score doesn’t look as bad as this game turned out to be. San Francisco had their way with our rag-tag group and could have probably won by 30 points if they really wanted to.

On a positive note, the Cardinals beat the Eagles and thanks to that we now hold the second pick in the 2024 NFL Draft with one week left to play.

Below you will find my Studs and Duds of the game, followed by some notes.


Terry McLaurin - Terry only had four receptions, but he made them count with one being a 42 yard deep pass and another a nice back-shoulder touchdown. He deserves much better than what he got from his team and coaching this year.

Sam Cosmi - I though Cosmi played very well against a good 49ers defensive front. He handled the blitz well, kept his defender at bay for the most part in pass protection, and did a great job of opening up lanes in the run game and getting out on screens. He’s been our best lineman by a MILE this season and he deserves some recognition.

Brian Robinson - He wasn’t given many opportunities to touch the football, but he made the most of the ones he got. He had 44 yards rushing on just nine carries and caught four passes for 32 yards. Shame on Bieniemy for not getting him more carries.

Cornelius Lucas - Lucas has been playing well at left tackle in Leno’s absence and I wanted to give him a shout-out for that. He looks MUCH more comfortable on the left side than at right tackle, and he’s EASILY better than Leno. He held Chase Young in check on the day and otherwise did a decent job in both the run and pass game.

The Arizona Cardinals - THANK YOU for beating the Eagles and 1) giving Dallas a meaningful game against us next week; and 2) jumping us to number two in the draft order for 2024.


Cody Barton - He’s absolutely AWFUL. He may be the worst starting LB in the NFL. He was late filling gaps, slow on reads, AFRAID to take on the fullback in the hole, and was whiffing on tackles. Horrible free agent signing by Rivera and “staff”.

Sam Howell - It started off OK for Howell, then he fell apart in the second half. Bieniemy abandoned the run and made Sam a sitting duck in the pocket. The mistakes just piled on from there. Two more interceptions and a QBR of 21.7 - ugh! I feel this “staff” has ruined the young quarterback.

Washington’s Front Four - The dynamic duo of Allen and Payne were pretty much non-existent and the EDGE rushers were absolutely pathetic. Purdy had all day to throw the football, and the 49ers gashed our front for 184 rushing yards.

Trent Scott - Scott was called for three penalties and allowed a team high five pressures on the afternoon. He almost made me want Wylie back - ALMOST...

Eric Bieniemy - His play-calling, especially for a young QB in his first true year of starting, is horrendous! Washington was averaging nearly five yards per carry on the ground and he only ran the ball 13 times. He is criminally overrated as an offensive coordinator, and I do not think he’ll ever become a head coach in this league.


-Was Phil Mathis even on the field? It sure didn’t feel like he was. Yet another WASTED Rivera draft pick.

-I see a lot of fans piling on Emmanuel Forbes on social media, but I don’t think he played a bad game. The scrambling touchdown Purdy threw really wasn’t his fault, and the deep ball to Aiyuk I though he had decent coverage - it was just a perfectly thrown ball. He’s going to get better. I’m not ready to give up on him like some are.

-I really like what I’m seeing from rookie Quan Martin both in coverage and in run support. The kid is not afraid to come up and hit guys.