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Film Session: Looking at the top offensive weapons for the Arizona Cardinals

A film session breaking down the Arizona Cardinals' top four offensive weapons

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

While the Arizona Cardinals prepare to face the Washington Commanders with Josh Dobbs as their starting quarterback, a career backup with just two starts in five NFL seasons, a few of their offensive weapons are some of the best at their respective position. It's easy to disregard the Cardinals altogether because of their dysfunction and overall approach to the 2023 season. However, one of the more dangerous aspects of this Cardinals team is that it is week one, and with a new head coach, offensive coordinator, and under-the-radar quarterback, Arizona's level of desperation will be at its highest this Sunday. Here are four Cardinals' weapons that Washington will heavily focus on this upcoming Sunday.

Running Back James Conner

Starting with the run game, the Cardinals' new offensive coordinator, Drew Petzing, most recently comes from the Cleveland Browns coaching staff. In the preseason, the Cardinals often ran zone run principles, and for James Conner, one of his best skills is his vision and ability to manipulate the second-level defenders. He is a physical, yet shifty, running back who can make multiple defenders miss, and Washington will have their hands full with him if they are not disciplined enough up front.

Tight End Zach Ertz

While Trey McBride is the young, up-and-coming tight end on the Cardinals roster, Ertz is the more experienced and savvy of the two in the passing game. Look for the Cardinals to feature Ertz in plus territory, specifically inside the 20. Ertz is very good at creating quick separation against both man and zone coverage concepts, and he is also good after the catch.

Wide Receiver Marquise "Hollywood" Brown

Hollywood Brown is only 5'9", but he is a very effective receiver because of his speed and competitiveness at the catch point. He is very good at attacking the football and can adjust to difficult passes. But more importantly, with his speed, he can stretch the field and is a dangerous second- and third-level threat for Arizona.

Wide Reciever Rondale Moore

Moore is comparable to Washington's Curtis Samuel, a player who is most effective on the first and second levels of the defense. Most importantly, with Moore's speed and shiftiness, look for Moore to get a lot of touches around the line of scrimmage that allow him to make plays in space.

From Thursday's injury report, Ertz and Brown have been limited in practice this week, so there is not any certainty that either of them will be available for Arizona this week.

What are your thoughts on the Cardinals' offense? Let us know in the comments what you think about that unit heading into Sunday.

You can watch the film session with game tape on the Trap or Dive YouTube channel to further familiarize yourself with these Arizona Cardinals players.