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Chase Young says he feels fine, but his doctor still needs to clear him

Chase Young

Chase Young suffered a stinger during the Washington Commanders first preseason game against the Cleveland Browns, and hasn’t been cleared for full contact since that early August game. Young was going to a second doctor last week, but he says he’s ready to go. He is getting a Zoom call scheduled, and if that goes well, he could be cleared to practice and play this week when Washington hosts the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

John Keim: When do you plan to go back to the doctor?

Chase Young: Oh I got a Zoom call.

JK: When is that? Today?

CY: Uhh, It’s still getting scheduled.

JP Finlay: How much do you want to be playing?

CY: Huh?

JP: Are you just dying to get out there?

CY: I’m ready to go! Straight up.

Q: Do you feel fine?

CY: I feel fine. I’m ready to go.