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Terry McLaurin says he feels good, and he wants to play on Sunday

The Captain wants to play

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Terry McLaurin’s turf toe injury has been looming over the start of the season. He suffered the injury during the Washington Commanders historic preseason win over the Baltimore Ravens. Positive reports started coming out last night, and by today he was on the field, doing drills with Sam Howell. McLaurin made it clear when talking to reporters after practice that he wants to play in the season opener against the Arizona Cardinals in front of a sold out FedEx Field crowd.

Scott Abraham: Are you going to be able to play on Sunday?

Terry McLaurin: I mean, that’s the plan. I’m obviously still going to take it day-by-day. I’m feeling better each and every day. You know ever since I got hurt, I’ve been just building everyday to get my body back right so I can give it my all so I can give it my all when I’m on the field. I never want to put myself, or the team, in a situation where I can’t give it my best. So if I’m out there, it’s cause I can give it my best, and I’m going to go from there. I’ve been getting some great care from Mark and the guys in there. Checked with some people outside the building, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, so thankful for God for that. I’m excited to be out there practicing.

SA: What does the toe feel like now? Any limitations, and what do you have to feel, know, to know that you’re right to play on Sunday?

TM: I want to be able to know I can burst, I can run, I can cut. Be my normal self. I mean, I’ve played through ailments before, so I know the difference between a little sore and you just can’t go. I had a high-ankle sprain, so I know what it’s like to kind of have foot issues, but I’m feeling pretty good, I’m confident with where things are right now. I just want to continue to try to have a good day tomorrow. See how I feel waking up after today, and take it from there, but I’m a fighter so I want to be out there with my guys.

SA: Is there part of you that you don’t want to rush this, because this type of injury can linger?

TM: Definitely. You don’t want to rush an injury if you don’t have to. Especially when the season is as long as it is. But I trust myself, and I don’t go out there thinking I’m going to re-hurt myself or anything could really happen when you’re out there. The reason why I’m out there is because I feel confident I can do everything I’m accustomed to doing, otherwise I wouldn’t put myself in that situation to be hurt longer. And I wouldn’t be putting my teammates in that situation where I’m essentially playing on one leg. Like I said I’m feeling good right now. I’m going to see how I feel tomorrow, and continue to try to progress to make sure I can feel fully confident for this Sunday.

Terry was also asked about Magic Johnson addressing the team today: