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Sam Howell Presser: We’re fully bought in to Eric Bieniemy

Sam Howell talks to the media before practice

Sam Howell is preparing to be the starting quarterback of the Washington Commanders in front of a sold out crowd at FedEx Field on Sunday. He said that’s a dream come true, and he doesn’t take anything for granted. The team also announced that Howell had been voted a team captain by his teammates which is another thing he doesn’t take for granted in his NFL journey.

Howell was later to his media availability due to a visit from limited partner Magic Johnson and managing partner Josh Harris. Howell was excited to ask Johnson questions because he’s had success in multiple sports and businesses at multiple levels. He asked Magic what his championship teams had that they didn’t have in previous year. Johnson said those teams believed and policed each other.

Howell likes new Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy, and his coaching style, despite the stories about him being hard on players in practice. He likes the criticism and the praise that comes when you make good plays, and work within the system that EB is installing. Howell said the team has learned how to meet Bieniemy’s standards and attention to detail. The players want to be coached hard and he knows what it takes to be great. The team is fully bought into Eric Bieniemy.

Sam Howell

Magic Johnson:

“Everyone’s bought in”:

Starter Week 1 in front of a sold out home crowd:

Being named a team captain:

Eric Bieniemy:

Jahan Dotson

Sellout crowd for the home opener:

Emmanuel Forbes

Jeremy Reaves