Sports Social Media Commentary isn't 'Slander'!

I have to say this before my head explodes! There's a new trend on social media to call any negative opinion or disparaging remark about a player or coach's' performance or behavior that another fan doesn't agree with "slander"!

They'll call it slander even if there are bare-naked statistics, data or video evidence that bears out that opinion!

Subjective (or objective) opinions of players and coaches can't rise to the level of slander without some far-reaching connection that consciously makes false claims about them. A bar full of screaming fans saying how much they hate the QB who threw a game-losing interception can't rise to the point of slander, nor if a fan disagrees with another fan that it was the QB's vs. the WR's fault! It's not slander!

Slander must meet the legal definition of defaming one's character or reputation in a knowingly malicious and false way that meets the LEGAL standard that rises to a material loss of reputation, money, revenue, assets, future work, etc.! Significant, tangible damages must be proven that meet a legal standard and it's a VERY high bar!

Opinions about a player or coaches' effectiveness can't rise to that standard because fan opinions on social media don't terminate their contracts nor bar them from future contracts! The performance of their contract and the evaluation of their talent and contribution to their organizations does. You can even boo a player at every single game, hold up signs saying that they suck and never meet the legal definition of slander by a million miles!

It doesn't make an ounce of common sense for a trend to start accusing other fans of slander for making commentary on social media because you disagree with them, nor should this nonsense pick up another ounce of momentum trending! Trotting out words you don't understand the meaning of that sound like they give you omnipotent power over someone else's opinion is juvenile and ridiculous, not slander!