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Ron Rivera Presser: There’s a resilience to Sam Howell that his teammates appreciate

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after practice

Washington's defense vs D’Andre Swift:

Well, that’s exactly the challenge, is him. I mean, you’ve got to go out and play sound solid upfront, got to be gap discipline. There’s also a point where if you can force them into certain situations, you can benefit that way. You just got to be able to take care of your jobs.

Eagles offensive line success:

Well, they’ve been there a while. Their center is probably one of the really, really good ones. He’s played in this league a long time, and when you have an anchor like that, naturally a lot of good things will happen. It’s a veteran group, it’s a big massive group. I think the key to it is being together.

Eagles’ two new coordinators:

Well, the biggest thing you try to look at more so anything else is what are the differences in play calling? How do they use certain personnel groupings and players for that matter? Those are all things that you look at when you’re looking at tape. What are the differences? You refer to some of your notes from last year and kind of compare and go through it that way.

Sam Howell:

Reviewing offensive positives and negatives from the Bills game with players:

I think that’s exactly what we do talk about more so than anything else. [What] we do talk about, is what we can do, look at the things that we’ve done positively, look at what we’ve learned and how much we’ve improved. And then we take the bad things because you can’t get rid of ‘em, but we try to dissect those and understand them even more. When we talk to the players, when we sit down and explain, ‘hey, this is what we’re trying to do, this is why we’re trying to do it.’ But again, just knowing that we are capable I think is probably the best thing that’s good for our guys and we’ll go from there.

Developing a young QB:

I think that’s what you do, is you look at other teams that have had young quarterbacks come in and do the things that they’ve done. There’s a lot of good young quarterbacks that have come in and have done really well, and there’s been some that have struggled. But, you’ll never know unless you play ‘em and that’s what we’re trying to do right now, see what kind of growth we’re going to get out of Sam. He had a tough week last week and we’ll see what he learned from it.

Jalen Hurts’ growth:

I think when you go back and you look at the 2021 season and you see the things that Jalen did and how he started to develop, they adapted their offensive scheme to fit him. I thought that was a brilliant move by Coach Nick. I think it really kind of highlighted his abilities and then the confidence in which he came back last season and played that was even more impressive. This year, you see the same steady guy, and I think they have an even more talented group of runners. So, like I said, they’re a very good football team.

Similarities in opponents pass rush strategy:

I don’t think, you look at it and look at some of the things and try and compare some of them. There are some things that are similar, but there are some things that are completely different. I think part of it has to do with how we handle it as individuals, how we handle it as a unit. That’s really the thing that we’re looking at more so than anything else. We do see that people run certain line stunts, people run certain pressures. Sometimes they line up guys in a wide nine, sometimes they come off of being in a six or a five technique. It’s just the game itself.

Sam Howell holding the ball for a big play vs not getting through his reads:

I think when you look at the things that Sam’s trying to do, I think he’s trying to make plays and sometimes it’s just dumping the ball and getting rid of it or throwing it away for the most part. I think that’s part of his growth period.

Emmanuel Forbes:

I think in watching him and some of the things that he does, I think he’s got to continue to work on his technique and really be even better with it. He’s got a tremendous skill set. He’s got great quicks, he’s got a great plant and drive. Sometimes his footwork, his body positions, he can be better at it. He really can. He’s such a young player and I just think it’s about him refining the technique that he’s going to use and he’s going to play with.

Drafting skinny players like Forbes and Eagles WR DeVonta Smith:

I think when you look at what medical science tells you and it tells you, you dig even deeper into a player based on that type of stuff you’ll find words like bone density come out and potential for growth and all those types of things. young man’s going to obviously mature physically. You do that with that in mind. But there are also some analytics that just tell you it’s hard to pass up a guy with that many interceptions, especially in the SEC. That’s part of the reason we did what we did, knowing that he has the potential for those types of things.

Howell accepting the blame for his poor play last week:

I think part of it is that the young men, his teammates in that locker room, know that he’s going to hold himself accountable, first and foremost and it’s true. He’s right. He can play better. We can play better as a team and we can coach better. That’s just the way it is. When you lose a football game like that, everybody’s culpable. The fact that he’s willing to get up there and tell everybody, ‘Hey, I can be better,’ that’s important. His teammates most certainly do appreciate that.

Howell’s resilience:

Yes. There is a resilience to him that his teammates appreciate and just the way he handles himself as he walks around the facility. He’s just like any of the other players. One moment he’s really serious about it and recognizing and understanding what he has to do, the other moment he can be lighthearted and laugh with the guys. I think he’s exactly where he needs to be right now. It’s one of those things that, like I said, we all share in the blame, and what we’ve got to do is we’ve just all got to be better.

Howell becoming a leader in film sessions:

I think that’s important because when you talk to guys and you’re the guy that’s going to make the decision on throwing the ball, when you tell guys, ‘hey, when I see this, I’m expecting that, I don’t want to see you come flat, come out a little higher and I’ll lead you in that direction.’ Those types of things tell the guys, hey, that he’s thinking about you and he’s thinking about how we can get this accomplished and how we can do this better. We had a route today, one of receivers came out flat, and Sam threw it, but he threw a little bit more out leading. The guy makes the catch, and then Sam comes up and tells him, ‘hey, keep that high because if you go too flat, that guy can undercut you.’ That type of stuff is good because they see that he’s thinking and he’s seeing it at the same time. That’s important.

What TE Logan Thomas adds to the offense:

I think he adds a big target. Logan is a very smart football player, having been a quarterback and been a quarterback in this league. Then converting to the tight end position, he adds a little something to the offense and he can help Sam with certain aspects of the offense. Also, who he is as a pass catcher, I think will help him.

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