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Eric Bieniemy faces an early season challenge with offensive struggles

With a heavy run-pass imbalance and an inability to protect the quarterback, OC Eric Bieniemy and his offense face its first real test of the season.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Washington Commanders Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The trend developing for the Washington Commanders is not good nor sustainable. Sam Howell has firmly established a reputation as a quarterback who consistently invites too much pressure and takes unnecessary sacks. The offense generally has an unfavorable run-pass imbalance to Howell and the offensive line.

While the Commanders players praised their resiliency before week three, their actual test of resilience is now. Sam Howell has shown a propensity to hold on to the football longer than needed and unnecessarily put himself in harm's way. The offensive line is also not good enough to overcome Howell's current play style. The test begins with the offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy, who will attempt to adjust his offense to establish efficiency and protect both the offensive line and Howell.

Brian Robinson is still waiting for his moment to shine in Bieniemy's offense, and there is an opportunity to use Robinson to prevent the current trend from growing further. What will the offense look like if Bieniemy chooses to feature Robinson more in an offense that has ranked 28th in rush attempts but ranks 15th in yards and has the third-best yards-per-attempt average in the league?

It doesn't have to stop at Robinson, either; finding ways to add extra protection on Howell's dropbacks will also benefit this unit, whether using tight ends or running backs in chip-blocks before releasing or keeping an extra blocker in more times than not.

With the Philadelphia Eagles coming up this week and even the weeks ahead of Philadelphia, Bieniemy's ability to adjust to his talent will be in the spotlight.

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