Would you rather

So, Ron has to save his job right? First scenario:

We limp into another playoff at sub .500 at 8-9 facing off with division winner Falcons. Sam doesn’t have to pass on the day because Robinson runs for FIVE TDs! 35-8. We took an intentional S to end game. Our next step is to Dallas to face the division winner Cowboys. They have us! With less than 25 seconds left, Sam lobs a pass to a wide open Dotson who walks into the end zone. The best part, Jerry cleaned his own glasses after the play. Final score, 24-20. Our last stop is to SF where we fall to SF, Sam throws two picks and fumbles. We hang tough and almost come bank but fall 24-17 when they kneel after a recovered onside K. After struggling much of the season Sam shows grit in the playoffs, running a TD late in the SF game to give us a shot. The team and fan base rallies behind this unexpected success in the playoffs.


We don’t win another game. Both Chase and Curl are shipped for projected higher end thirds, Gates is benched for Stroman until a season ending eyelash knocks Charles out of the line up. Forcing Gates to charge up the ole robotic anchor. Cosmi meanwhile slides outside when Lucas goes down and Wylie looks much much better at G. Suddenly the OL is solid with the occasional speed rusher giving Cosmi and Leno fits. Suddenly thru extensive studies, the team learns to give help to their struggling Ts, and who knew???? It helps! But ultimately we just can’t win close games. We finish the season 2-15, landing the top overall pick. Ron and the gang gang are fired. EB jumps ship running to NE.

So if you had to pick from either scenario, which would you rather see? I admittedly chose scenario number one, even tho…that number one pick next year, just to move back to two would net us a huge boost!