Eagles present similar challenges, as Bills did, to Washington:

Eagles present similar challenges to ones Bills gave Washington:

  • On defense, Eagles generate pressure mainly rushing 4, allowing them to drop 7
  • Eagles defense is opportunistic and caused two turnovers in short order
  • Eagles defense seems even better in run defense; BRob won't be as successful -- Eagles made all sorts of changes to their roster after Washington had success running against Eagles and beating them last season
  • On offense, opposing defenses usually unable to pressure Jalen Hurts rushing 4 given strong play by Eagles O-line;
  • Swift is a shifty, skilled back, perhaps even more so than Cook
  • AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith is a tough duo like Diggs and Davis
  • Dallas Goedert is an impact TE like Knox
  • Jalen Hurts can use his mobility as another offensive weapon like Allen
  • Furthermore, no team seems able to stop Eagles short yardage execution (3rd-and-short or 4th-and-short)
  • Eagles (like Bills) are strong at returning punts
What will Washington change to be competitive over four quarters vs. Eagles?