Time to give Bienemy a chance as the Head Coach?

Ron Rivera is objectively a pretty good coach.

Rivera was very good as the Carolina coach getting to a Super Bowl. Rivera always seems to coach at least passable defenses. Rivera along with Mike Tomlin seem like the best crisis coaches being able to win when players go down. He was a master at this when Washington won the NFC LEast a few years ago.

But after 3 games, it is clear Rivera is not the coach to lead the Commanders to a title.

The league gents has gone to an offensive league. Look at the last 3 title winners. Kansas City has won 2 of the last 3. Now, the amazing Patrick Mahomes is the main reason not the only one. Eric Bienemy has been calling the plays with Andy Reid.

I am amazed the Commanders lured Beinemy away from the Chiefs. I was also amazed he never got a real look as a head coach of another squad.

I would give Bienemy the last 11 or so games.

Rivera has just not been offensive enough.