Breakdown of Washington's remaining schedule

7 toughest match-ups - Bills, Philly twice, Cowboys twice, Dolphins and 49ers; it would be good to win four of these games; this is ambitious - record: 0-1-0 (whipped by Bills)

5 away games slate adds to their challenge - in light of their difficult opponents above, Washington should attempt to win three of these games: tough running Falcons, Belichick-coached Patriots, Seattle -- NFL's second loudest stadium where Seahawks have played better than on the road, Jets with Saleh-led defense and Rams with McVay-led offense.

Home & home series against other division rival - Giants - who are 6-2-1 against Washington in last nine; we need to at least split this series if not sweep it -

Home prime time game vs. Chicago - in light of the rest of the schedule, this is a "must win" game for Washington

Winning nine games above, would get the team to 11-6, but after performance versus Bills, they seem so far away from bing able to achieve that record. Need to take it one game at a time, and hope for a turnaround.