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Ron Rivera and Sam Howell try to explain today’s big loss to the Bills

Rivera and players talk to the media after a blowout loss

Washington Commanders Head Coach Ron Rivera and QB Sam Howell spoke to the media after today’s 37-3 loss to the Buffalo Bills. Washington had 5 turnovers, 4 of them Howell INTS, and also allowed 9 sacks. They only scored a field goal on their final drive, barely avoiding a home shutout loss.

Rivera said there were missed opportunities throughout the game, and the coaching staff will have to evaluate everything. The high amount of turnovers and sacks needs to get corrected. They considered pulling a struggling Howell, but they want to give him opportunities to see if he can grow and develop.

Howell took the blame for his bad game, and the sacks and turnovers. He said they have to play better, and that starts with him. Howell also said you have to learn from a game like this, and then move on to the next challenge.

Ron Rivera

(Rivera starts speaking at 8:05)

The loss/Sam Howell:

Buffalo Bills:

Considered pulling Sam Howell:


Dealing with a blowout loss:

Sam Howell

(Howell starts speaking at 33:22)

Gotta play better, starts with him:

9 sacks:

Learn from his mistakes:

Ron Rivera:

Andrew Wylie


Antonio Gibson

Terry McLaurin

Missed scoring opportunities:

Sam Howell:

Brian Robinson

Stick to the run:

Darrick Forrest


Emmanuel Forbes

On to Philly: