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The Washington Commanders are dominated by the Buffalo Bills, losing 37-3 at home

Almost shutout

Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

The Washington Commanders were down 16-0 to the Buffalo Bills going into the 2nd half. Sam Howell had two interceptions in the first half, and has taken some big shots. Washington got the ball to start the half, and drove it down the field again. Howell was under pressure again, and threw the ball to Curtis Samuel. Bills CB Tre’Davious White jumped in front of him in the end zone, and got downed at the 1 yard line.

The Buffalo Bills were driving down the field again after another Sam Howell interception. They got to mid-field, and then a holding penalty pushed them back to their own 40 yard line. Josh Allen threw up a floater on 3rd and 20, and Kendall Fuller made a great play to bring the ball in for Washington’s first takeaway of the game. This is Fuller’s first interception of the season.

Sam Howell was sacked two more times on the next drive, and Washington was forced to punt the ball again. Washington forced a turnover on downs on the next Bills drive, but gave it right back when Antonio Gibson fumbled after an ill-advised throw to him behind the line of scrimmage. Buffalo scored on a Josh Allen run to put them up 23-0.

Washington started the next drive passing the ball, and on the third play, Sam Howell threw his fourth pick of the game. This one was taken back 32 yards for a touchdown by Bills DE A.J. Epenesa. Washington did nothing on the next drive, and punted it away again.

Josh Allen’s day was over, and former Washington QB Kyle Allen came in to relieve him. He was able to lead the Bills down the field for another TD, increasing their blowout lead to 37-0. Washington was able to get the ball far enough down the field for a Joey Slye FG attempt. He made the kick and Washington avoided the shutout. Ron Rivera said this game was going to show them who they could be, and what they could be is a team with a lot of work to do to think they can compete with the top teams right now.

3rd Quarter

McLaurin takes a shot:

Big Brian Robinson run:

Howell throws his third interception:

Kendall Fuller gets his first interception of the year:

Back-to-back sacks again:

Kam Curl almost picks it off:

4th Quarter

Washington forces a turnover on downs:

Under pressure:

Antonio Gibson fumbles:

Josh Allen walks it in:

Sam Howell interception #4:

Sacks on sacks:

Kyle Allen relieves Josh Allen:

Bills score again:

Sam Howell sacked again:

And again:

Field goal: