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Washington gets shutout by the Bills defense 16-0 in the first half

Ugly half

Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

The Washington Commanders host the Buffalo Bills for a Week 3 game. They won the coin toss and deferred. The drive started with two quick stops by Kamren Curl and Chase Young. Then Josh Allen scrambled for the first down and kept the play alive. Allen stretched the field a few plays later, hitting Stefon Diggs for a big gain. Washington was able to prevent the touchdown, and Buffalo kicked a field goal to get the first points of the game.

Washington was moving the ball, with some nice plays from Brian Robinson and Terry McLaurin. They got into Bills territory, but then Sam Howell was sacked twice. He threw a pick on 3rd and 19, but Washington was able to force a punt from the Bills.

Washington went 3 and out, and punted the ball. A holding penalty on the punt gave the Bills the ball at Washington’s 35 yard line. Josh Allen threw a touchdown to Gabe Davis on the first play, putting the Bills up 10-0.

Washington started their next drive with a beautiful pass to Curtis Samuel. He added another catch to Terry McLaurin’s count. Howell had a big scramble on 2nd and 1 at the Bills 24 yard line, picking up 18 yards. Washington got the ball to the 1-yard line, but Brian Robinson was stuffed, and they missed on their 4th down conversion attempt.

The Washington Commanders held the Bills to a 54-yard field goal, going down 13-0 with 1:55 left in the game. They got 9 yards on their first two passes, and needed a yard to keep the drive alive. Sam Howell was pressured and threw a pass off his back foot intended for RB Antonio Gibson. Bills CB Micah Hyde jumped up and pull the ball down for Howell’s second interception of the game. The Bills were able to add to their lead, kicking a 32 yard FG.

1st Quarter

Coin toss:

Josh Allen first down run:

Daron Payne:

Josh Allen —-> Stefon Diggs:

Third down stop:

Bills FG:

Washington moving the ball:

Sam Howell —-> Cole Turner:

Howell sacked twice:

Howell throws an interception:

Defense forces a punt:

Washington goes 3 and out:

Penalty on the punting team:

Josh Allen —-> Gabe Davis TD:

Sam Howell —-> Curtis Samuel:

2nd Quarter

Sam Howell —-> Terry McLaurin:

Sam Howell run:

Stuffed at the goal line:

Josh Allen runs again:

Josh Allen —-> Stefon Diggs:

3rd down conversions:

Bills penalty:

3rd down stop:

Bills kick a 54-yard FG:

Sam Howell’s 2nd interception: