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Washington Roster Update: Camaron Cheeseman keeps his job after 5 long snappers get tryouts

The Cheese remains

NFL: Washington Commanders at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Update: List of 5 long snappers that Washington brought in for a tryout

The fact that a long snapper has been getting headlines over multiple weeks is never a good thing, and that’s a problem for the Washington Commanders. Camaron Cheeseman was drafted to be a stable player who never got much attention from fans unless they watched Tress Way’s Hang Time online show. Cheeseman reportedly changed up his snapping technique before this offseason, but there have been issues since training camp, and now they’re showing up in the games that count.

Cheeseman had another bad snap this week, skipping the ball to Tress Way. The play resulted in a wide right miss by Joey Slye, despite Way’s attempt to save the day. Cheeseman’s snaps were fine the rest of the game, but Head Coach Ron Rivera said he needs more consistency from the long snapper he made a draft day trade to acquire. Rivera also acknowledged there was a problem last week, but implied the team wouldn’t do anything about it until it was really a problem(costing them a game).

The Washington Commanders hosted five long snappers for tryouts today. ESPN’s John Keim is reporting that Camaron Cheeseman will remain the long snapper. There haven’t been any reports of additional tryouts lined up, and Rivera said today was about information gathering. If Cheeseman does end up costing the team more points, or even worse a game, expect that information to turn into a roster move.

The biggest thing more than anything else was a little disappointed in the very first snap. It’s crazy because you go back and look at the rest of his snaps and they were pretty good, but this is something we have to do because it can’t happen every week because it could cost you a game. It really could have. Part of it is you don’t want it to affect anybody else. If we look at it that, hey, we need to have an insurance policy, if we need to do something, we’re going to do it because it’s what’s best for this football team. That’s what we’re looking at. We’ve talked about some options. One of the options is we’re going to have a little information gathering tomorrow. We’re going to bring in a few players, give them an opportunity to show us what they’re capable of, and we’ll take a look and go from there.