Bills present challenges in all three phases

Bills present all sorts of problems.

On offense, QB Josh Allen is dangerous in space and can extend plays and attack so he must be contained which isn't easy to do. Defense needs to apply pressure by following a discipline approach. Can entire D-line rush within the scheme? Moreover, LBs and secondary will be tested even more than they were last two weeks, and we need to avoid giving up more than two chunk plays through the four quarters.

Bills had TE Dawson Knox, but drafted Dalton Kincaid to provide 1-2 punch.

Bills have RB James Cook but also Latavius Murray and Damien Harris. They are top 5 in yards per rush at 4.9.

While Bills don't have the receiver depth of Washington, they do have two great players in Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis. I'm sure I'm missing other playmakers.

They are top 25% in third down conversion and red zone scoring. We need to be ball hawks and not drop interceptable balls. I would develop a strategy that gives Sweat the opportunity to either have a monster game and / or forces the Bills to keep a TE and / or RB home to defend him.

On defense, Bills will apply relentless pressure that tests entire O-line and Howell in ways they haven't faced this season. Expect their D-line to have hands raised to deflect passes with their LBs ready to catch the deflections.

Safety Micah Hype and D-end Leonard Floyd were injured versus Raiders, but Hyde's hamstring and Floyd's ankle are supposedly okay; nevertheless, they should be tested during the game.

Bills can be run on but that requires our O-line to play well in allowing the passing game to work (so we aren't one dimensional) and to help create running lanes. Even if they can be run on, they did hold Josh Jacobs to negative yardage on nine carries so that shows you what happens if you become one dimensional.

Howell must hit the open receivers -- go for the easy stuff (hopefully some opportunities exit) until Bills are able to stop them; that should open up other offensive opportunities.

They haven't missed a FG attempt this season, and Harris returned a kick over 40 yards for them which hopefully Slye can prevent.

As a team, Bills have been disciplined, top 5 in committing fewest penalties (4.5 per game).

I'm sure others of you have points to add about Buffalo's team.

We have a shot to win this game if we play much better for four quarters. It's tougher to beat the Bills if you allow them to jump out to a big lead (like we did the Broncos).