Great comeback apparently. Had to leave with W down 21-3 but what a comeback!

Watched the game from a sports bar in Southy Dakota on a road trip. They were down like 21-3 after 1st so hit the road. Washington rarely plays well in Mile High even though Heinicke won there.

Sam Howell may be legit. I knew he would be at least decent but he has shown moxy toughness in the 2-0 start (3-0 counting last year). A little worried he may get hurt taking all those hits. But Howell is howling right now.

The rest of the team is what I thought. Their only big flaw on O is the TE. But I saw Logan Thomas make some good catches. Thomas is a top 10-15ish TE when healthy while Bates and others are developing.

Worried the defense gave up 33 points. Thought they would not allow any team above 30 points. But Denver is pretty good. For some reason, people think Russel Wilson is a trash QB right now. Wrong. Denver just gave up too much to Seattle to get him.

Great comeback win. This win may get them into the playoffs?