Statement, Questions, or Answers….

Washington closed out a compelling come from behind victory. They almost let it slip. Seriously that was a PI. But I’m getting ahead of myself…let’s start from the beginning. Jamin Davis is a bust! I mean he busted this game wide open. Didn’t he? What a heads up play!!! Right? Then Logan, he may not catch every pass, but that shot fired up this team! I saw this defense transform into what I always thought it should be. I saw Forbes who I got one, pick off a pass, damn near pick off another, he’s a gambler and he will get that New Years every now and then. I’d like to propose a toast….Russel Wilson the man, the legend, AKA Dangerus!!!! Brother, welcome, welcome to the Forbes list! Right now this fan bases heart is in the Denver stadium…buddy we are MILE HIGH!!! So here are my take aways:

  • Denver Broncos can’t finish a football game
  • Sam Howell is a work in progress. The man has a lot on his plate. This is his enemin eight mile lose yourself mom’s spaghetti moment. You only got one shot…do not miss your chance to blow! And his OL doesn’t help.
  • EBs gotta be better. You can’t tell me these WRs can’t get open!!! Terry got open when he had no help. We used Gibs today and he really lifted us. We’ve got weapons and it’s his job for us to use them the right way. I know he’s gotta keep it simple for Howell, but cmon EB, you’ve got to stop passing very down. Seriously, mix it, keep the war face!!!!
  • Ts can’t handle speed rushers. OL coach has got to drill these guys to death. Get your damn hands on these guys!!! These guys were getting in there.
  • Sam might be able to play.
  • We need to bear in mind, S went out, other S was out, so we don’t know how that affected. No excuses, but let’s temper the expectations, so far, so good.
  • Our defense starts slow. Last week AZ torched us and then we pulled it together. This week we got torched even worse. At some point we can’t do this!!! Spotting teams points and storming back is when all else fails. Let’s keep it even keel.
  • Our entire DL deserves a ton of credit for taking over because on a few of those sacks guys were W-I-D-E open deep!!! The secondary is hit and cold.
  • LB needs a shake up. Hudson anyone? Shit we could put Mark Tyler in and he’d be better.
  • Brown started to make an impact. I mean he’s not any prize, but he made some plays.
  • Turners time has come. Logan knows it and will try to rush back. But those footsteps Logan is hearing aren’t the defenders, they are Cole Turners.
  • Barton has to sit down. Ron make the call now!!!! Hudson knows the system. Early in the game, the no LB, they ate us and ran it straight in. There are issues I see….Jamin is ok, but he didn’t make the leap I’d hoped for.
  • Stromberg will end up starting at C imo. Or somewhere…he’s getting live early action.
  • B Rob ain’t going no where mfer! He will finish the year unless he gets hurt.
We almost have it back, tip drill guys!!! Omg and that was a PI Juste!!! This team has stumbled out the gates, yet, this year we are 2-0. With Buffalo looming, Philly next, can we get a split, that’s all I’m asking for….there’s a lot to be concerned about, the ED that’s fast is going to eat in Washington. We have got to counter this. I don’t know how….what were your take aways? Do you think we can split one of the next two games? Win them both? I had this game as a 65/35 in Denver’s favor. Turns out all we needed was a spark, Billy Joel didn’t start the fire, Jamin did.