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The Washington Commanders defeat the Denver Broncos 35-33

What a ride!

Washington Commanders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Washington Commanders brought the game back to within one score before the half, and continued that momentum into the 2nd half. The Broncos got the ball first, but were completely shut down by a dominant Daron Payne. The Commanders responded with some big runs from Brian Robinson and Sam Howell. Then Howell hit Terry McLaurin for a beautiful touchdown that was easily Washington’s play of the year.

Emmanuel Forbes got his first interception of the season, after Russell Wilson tried to give it to Darrick Forrest a few plays before. Washington didn’t get a score from that turnover. Ron Rivera made a questionable decision to have Joey Slye attempt a 59-yard field goal that he missed wide right.

Chase Young got his first sack since 2021 on Russell Wilson. Washington held the Broncos to a FG, and then got the ball back for another drive. Brian Robinson and Antonio Gibson had some huge plays on the Commanders next drive, and it ended with a Robinson TD. Washington got the ball back, and used that same formula, with Robinson getting his second TD of the game.

Washington’s defense picked up again, with Montez Sweat getting his first sack of the game. He split his next sack with Chase Young as they met at the QB. The Broncos had one final drive to attempt to score 8 points. Russell Wilson threw up the Hail Mary, and it was brought down by WR Brandon Johnson. Denver’s attempt at a game-tying 2-point conversion failed, and Washington got the 35-33 win.

3rd Quarter

Daron Payne’s drive:

Nick Gates false start:

Big Sam Howell run:

Big Brian Robinson run:


Darrick Forrest drops a pick:

Chase Young pressure:

Emmanuel Forbes’ first INT:

Wide right:

Chase Young’s first sack:

Broncos FG:

Another big Brian Robinson run:

4th quarter

Antonio Gibson screen:

Brian Robinson TD:

Daron Payne shuts it down again:

Sam Cosmi injury:

Fabian Moreau penalty:

Antonio Gibson:

Ball distribution:

Brian Robinson screen:

Brian Robinson TD:

Chase Young roughing the passer:

Daron Payne injury:

Montez Sweat sack:

Chase Young/Montez Sweat sack:

Kam Curl:

Hail Mary TD:

No flag on the 2-point conversion:

Josh Harris remains undefeated: