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The Washington Commanders trail the Denver Broncos 21-14 at halftime

Washington has made it a game

NFL: Washington Commanders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Commanders got the ball first after Denver won the toss and deferred. Sam Howell opened the second game of the season going 5-for-5 including a big 3rd down conversion to Jahan Dotson. Brian Robinson sprung loose on a huge screen to help get Washington down into Broncos territory. A coverage sack on Sam Howell ended the drive. Camaron Cheeseman’s snapping problems continue, leading a wide right FG miss by Joey Slye.

The Broncos got the ball and immediately started driving it down to the field. Denver ran the ball in from the 6 yard line for the first score of the game. Washington responded with another drive down the field, but a sack on Sam Howell killed the momentums. The Commanders finally got on the board with a Joey Slye FG.

The Broncos scored on their next two drives, while Washington continued to struggle with sacks disrupting drives. Sam Howell has had several tipped passes today, and one of them was dropped by a Broncos defender. Washington went 3 and out, about Denver continued their dominance by returning Tress Way’s punt 45 yards.

Washington’s defense finally showed up, and Jamin Davis chased Russell Wilson, forcing a fumble that Cody Barton recovered. Washington drove the ball down the field, and scored a touchdown on a 4th down conversion pass from Sam Howell to Logan Thomas. He took a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit after making the catch, and remained down on the field after the score. The Commanders also scored on the two point conversion after reviewing Brian Robinson’s run.

Washington shut down the Broncos and got the ball back. They drove down the field again, and were able to score a 49-yard FG to bring the game within a score for the Commanders as time expired.

1st Quarter

Coin toss:

Sam Howell —-> Jahan Dotson:

Brian Robinson screen:

Sam Howell sack:

Bad snap on missed Joey Slye FG:

James Smith-Williams starting:

Chase Young’s first snap of the season:

Russell Wilson run:

Run defense:

Broncos TD:

Dyami Brown:

Howell avoids the sack:

Sam Howell —-> Logan Thomas:

Sam Howell sack:

Joey Slye FG:

Roughing the passer:

Broncos TD:

Jack Del Rio is not happy:

2nd Quarter

Sam Howell sacked again:

Russ is cooking:

4th down conversion:

Cody Barton:

Broncos TD:

Tipped passes:

Howell misses Terry McLaurin:

Three and out:

Broncos winning on special teams too:

Jamin Davis strip-sack:

Holding Penalty:

Facemask penalty on Denver:

Cole Turner:

Curtis Samuel jet sweep:

Another tipped pass:

Logan Thomas TD/helmet-to-helmet hit:

Logan Thomas evaluated for a concussion:

Brian Robinson 2-point conversion:

Defense stops the Broncos:

Charles Leno holding penalty:

Free play to John Bates:

Joey Slye 49-yard FG: