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Jack Del Rio Presser: Montez Sweat is dialed in, and finishing plays

Jack Del Rio speaks to the media after practice

Jack Del Rio is preparing his defense for their first road game of the season against the Denver Broncos. Th Washington beat the Arizona Cardinals on Week 1, and he was happy with the gritty win. The defense showed up, and made the plays at the end of the game that helped seal the win. Montez Sweat gets praised again for being "dialed in" and finishing to make an impact on the opposing offense.

Jack Del Rio

Defense vs the Cardinals:

Nice to win. I mean, we did the things we needed to do to help the team win. And so proud of the effort. Guys were gritty. I thought the stops, like in special situations, two-minute end of the half, two-minute end of the game and then the sudden change where we held them to a field goal and no first down. I mean those were big moments in the game where we came through. We were called on and we came through.

Denver’s altitude:

Well, I mean, I think it’s a great environment. The fans are terrific there. They remind you of the altitude. They have signs everywhere reminding you, but the bottom line is you go in and compete. So, teams that play well and prepare well and go and execute, all those things don’t become as big a big a deal. I think if you go in and you slop around and you don’t play well, then those things can add up they get it rolling and I was part of us rolling there several times. When I was defensive coordinator there when we had some great moments. So, I know what it’s like when we start rolling. We don’t want them to start rolling on us. Right, right.

Broncos’ running game:

Good run game. Yeah. Solid. They do some core concepts that they believe in. They dress it up with motions and shifts and alignments and things to hide it, but they do what they do upfront and good backs. Good strong line. Good design. Yeah, it’ll be a challenge for us.

Montez Sweat:

The defense getting a tackle for loss or sack on every Cardinals offensive drive but one:

Well, it definitely helps. Teams wanna stay on schedule and we can knock ‘em off schedule by getting some TFLs. We’re not necessarily hunting TFLs as much as we are hunting, and we want to attack and be aggressive and play off each other. We saw several really good examples of that on last Sunday.

Cody Barton’s performance:

Cody was, he was okay. I mean, he’ll be more productive. I mean, he led the group well. The communication was solid. He played every snap. Got a lot on his plate and the production will come.

Barton playing more snaps than Jamin Davis:

I think you’ll see us utilize packages, personnel groupings, week to week. I wouldn’t make too big a deal over one or the other. I got an earlier question on Emmanuel, and now there’s one on Jamin. It’s kind of the same type of thing. We’re going to roll our guys, we’re going to have a plan, we’re going to attack the people we’re going up against and we’ll review that and enjoy the victories, make our corrections either way and move on to next. That’s where we are right now, just kind of getting ready for the Broncos and putting a new plan together. Whatever ratios you saw last week may not apply this week, so we’ll see.

Russell Wilson in Sean Payton’s offense:

Well, yeah obviously there’s a difference. I mean, we saw him in Seattle, different design, different, approach. We understand what they’re trying to do, what they wanna do and how they want to use him. Russ has been a good player for a long time in this league, so, you know, we’ve gotta play well and make sure we take those things away.

Having a coordinated rush against a mobile QB in Wilson:

I mean, let me know when there’s not a guy that can move around. I’m pretty sure they all move around. It’s a weekly challenge. Clearly, we want to rush as a group, together as a pack and not as individuals. I thought we did an excellent job of that last week. That will be a challenge for us going forward week to week because look at the schedule and just start naming which one’s going to sit back there. Peyton Manning was a great player, Tom Brady, great player, but they weren’t going anywhere. Very few players like that in the league anymore.

Kam Curl and where you can use him in any matchup:

He is and the others are learning and repping and preparing. You may see some of the others moving around in different spots. So, yeah, that’s part of having intelligent guys that have played together.

Jonathan Allen

Rushing the passer: